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Updated Oct 3rd, 2023 by   Nicolas Zenker

So you’re finally ready to get out of your buddy’s mom’s garage, and take your show on the road? Good for you!!

If you only want to play to your girlfriend and her friends, stay in the garage. You might be asking yourself, “How can I avoid playing to empty bars?”, and we’re here to help. These days, indie bands wanting success in the music industry must do more than just use Instagram. They need to use technology too.

Calendars and RSVPs are essential for bands to organize events, build excitement, connect with fans, and sell out shows. Your band can use embeddable calendars, add to calendar buttons, and RSVPs to connect with fans, create unique experiences, and personalize marketing. With a strategic approach to promotion and fan engagement, your band can rise to prominence. Leaving a lasting impact in the hearts of their fans while filling venues to capacity.


It’s okay – AddEvent specializes in all of these things, and we’re quick and easy to learn and get using! Here’s how we can help:

1. Get some fans! 

Building a strong subscriber base is essential for your band’s promotional efforts. Subscribers get updates on shows, music releases, and exclusive content through newsletters. By integrating the band’s newsletter sign-up with the embeddable calendar, fans can easily become subscribers, ensuring direct communication and fostering loyalty.

These days, bands don’t have time to be stapling flyers to telephone poles. Besides, people spend more time checking their emails than going outside. The way to impress is with excellent newsletter campaigns. We make it so simple to tie in your calendars and events to your emails. Once a fan reads your newsletter they’ll be hooked for life.

2. Figure out where to book your shows by knowing your fans!

RSVPs are a potent tool for enhancing fan engagement and generating interest. Fans can let you know if they will attend a show or event by using RSVP on your website or show landing page. The band can use this communication to see how interested people are and plan accordingly. RSVP data helps bands learn about their fans, so they can plan shows that their audience will enjoy. It can even provide valuable data on fan demographics and geographic locations. You can use this information to gain insights into your core audience and find regions with high demand. Armed with this knowledge, your band can strategically plan tour dates and performances, ensuring you’re reaching the right audience and maximizing ticket sales.

AddEvent makes it easy for you to collect RSVP data for your events. With buttons you can embed on your website to links you can include in your emails your fans will have no trouble RSVPing to your events. You can see and analyze the data your fans provide when they respond. This will help you understand your audience and plan future events for them.

3. Communication is key, baby!

With RSVP data at your disposal, your band can segment the fan base and tailor your communication accordingly. Personalized emails or messages can be sent to fans who are planning to attend specific events, giving them event details, discount offers, or early access to ticket sales. And let’s be honest, everyone has a little bit of PTSD around trying to buy tickets lately (am I right, Taylor Swift fans?). Targeted marketing builds stronger connections and fosters a sense of importance among your fan base.

And after all, who doesn’t want to feel important?

When you tailor your communication to your audience, it strengthens your connection. Your fans feel acknowledged and valued. Plus, it saves them time and reduces stress by giving them the information they need upfront. Even better, AddEvent can send confirmation and reminder emails for your shows so they don’t miss your event if you forget to send the reminder. By catering to the wants and needs of your audience, they will, in turn, attend more of your events. And you’ll develop a stronger and long-lasting relationship.

4. Keep it simple, sweetie!

One of the first steps in an effective promotional strategy is to centralize all band events in an easy to find, user-friendly format. You can use embeddable calendars to easily show your band’s tour dates, album releases, meet-and-greets, and other important events on their website. These calendars are easy to update, ensuring that subscribers and fans always have access to the latest information. By understanding the band’s schedule, fans can plan accordingly and you increase the chance of sold-out shows. Which means you don’t have to rely on Mike the promoter to update the events – you can do this!

Do your events change at a moment’s notice? Do venue managers change the script on you for seemingly no reason? Having an embeddable calendar means that your schedule changes are viewable in an instant on your website. Your fans will have a place they can watch for the latest happenings and be first in line to buy your latest aggressively-priced merch. Plus, if your fans are subscribed to your calendar, it will update their calendars within 24 hours, or you can email them since you know who they are.

5. If it’s not on the calendar, it’s not happening.

The add-to-calendar button is a simple yet powerful feature that allows fans to add events to their personal calendars with a single click. This feature makes sure your fans can attend the shows they’re interested in. Plus, it helps make sure you don’t miss out on ticket sales! A win-win in our eyes! No matter which calendar app you use, (Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook, you name it) the add-to-calendar button lets fans easily add your band’s events to their schedule.

AddEvent allows you to embed a beautiful calendar on your website – display your events and keep your users up to date with the click of a button!

In the fast-paced world of music, bands must be proactive in their promotion and fan engagement efforts. Calendars and RSVPs offer a multifaceted solution, allowing bands to centralize their events, build anticipation, engage with fans, and gain valuable insights into their audience. By utilizing these tools, your band can create a dedicated fan base, cultivate meaningful connections, and ultimately sell out your shows. Embracing technology and leveraging the potential of calendars and RSVPs might just be the catalyst for your band’s journey to musical success and recognition.

Just don’t forget about AddEvent when you’re selling out stadiums. cough Taylor Swift cough

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