Embeddable calendar

Embed a beautiful calendar on your website

- display your events and keep your users up to date.

Office hours
Guest speaker series
Music festivals
Course schedules
Alumni events
Graduation weekends
Internal company events
Marketing events
Fitness classes
Religious services
Theatre performances

Share all your upcoming events by adding a beautiful calendar to your website.

Embed in seconds (no coding experience required). Just copy and paste the HTML into your website.

Fully customize to match the style of your website, or use one of our brilliant default templates.

Let users subscribe to your calendar, then keep them up to date with new and upcoming events.

Works with all major calendar services, including
Works with all major calendar services, including
Google, Apple, Office 365, Outlook, Outlook.com and Yahoo
Apple Google Office Outlook Outlook.com Yahoo
Super easy to get started!
Super easy to get started!
  1. Create your calendar and add events

    Create your calendar in AddEvent then add your events with any relevant information. You'll be able to update them and add new events later.

  2. Customize your calendar

    Our embeddable calendar is fully customizable. Change the text, colors, font, and design of the calendar to work for you.

  3. Copy and paste the HTML

    Copy the code provided and paste it into your website. It also works with website builders like Wix, SquareSpace, WordPress, and more.

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<div class="ae-emd-cal" data-calendar="Fd272527" data-configure="true" data-title="" data-title-show="true" data-today="true" data-datenav="true" data-date="true" data-monthweektoggle="true" data-subscribebtn="true" data-swimonth="true" data-swiweek="true" data-swischedule="true" data-timezone="true" data-logo="true" data-defaultview="month" data-firstday="1" data-datetimeformat="1"></div> <script type="text/javascript">(function(){var e = document.createElement("script");e.type = "text/javascript";e.async = true;e.src = "https://www.addevent.com/js/cal.embed.t1.init.js";e.className = "ae-emd-script";document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0].appendChild(e);})(); </script>

Use our API or one of our pre-built integrations to connect your embeddable calendar with an external service.

Includes all of the functionality of our subscription calendar which means...

Let users subscribe to your calendar!

Our subscription calendars create a dynamic connection with your users' calendars when they subscribe. This means that when you add or update an event in your calendar, those changes are automatically reflected in your subscribers' calendars.

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