About AddEvent

Our mission is to build the best calendar solutions in the world.

Our tools help businesses large and small to manage and share their events.

Our Story

We couldn't find a good "add to calendar" button back in 2015, so we built our own and shared it with the world.

Since then, we've vastly expanded our range of services, and we're still just getting started. We take pride in developing incredible and simple-to-understand tools that solve concrete problems. Still, the best part of our job remains getting to share our creations with you.

From product design to user experience to customer service, we believe you and your users deserve the very best. Our team is dedicated to providing you with an extraordinary experience at every step of the way.

Ownership mentality

Every employee has the power to make our company better.

High quality only

We hold our craft to the highest of standards. We relentlessly create solid, high-quality products that are built to last.


Teammates, customers and yourself. Respect costs nothing but means the world.

Go the extra mile

Be bold and fearless. Go beyond delivering what works and have the courage to take smart risks.

Do what’s right

What is right isn’t always the same as what is easy.

Be transparent

Share information, mistakes, and victories. Be honest.

Michael Nilsson Nicolas Zenker

Behind the values, there's always a great team.

AddEvent not only prides itself on stellar technology, but also the talent of its people.
The company is thriving under the guidance and leadership of experienced engineers, hard-working visionaries, and talented copy writers.

Michael Nilsson

Michael Nilsson


Nicolas Zenker

Nicolas Zenker


We’re making sure your
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companies trust us

2.5 million

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20 million

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choice as a "add to calendar"
service in the world

Some of our incredible customers

Today, AddEvent is a rapidly growing, worldwide technology company. We offer a suite of powerful calendar management and marketing tools that are used by many of the largest companies across the globe.

Our team of global citizens

Whilst we are headquartered in San Francisco, California, AddEvent continues to embrace the ability to support our team and customers from anywhere in the world.


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