Payment Provider


Cling is a mini CRM that helps you win more deals by sending outstanding proposals and get paid faster!


EditionGuard provides you freedom with eBook selling tools that are easy to use and customize, built on top of an industry standard DRM system for security. Now you can sell eBooks the way that makes you happy, without having to give up on your profits.


Libeo is the first platform to manage and pay supplier invoices in one-click for SMBs and chartered accountants in Europe.

Portals by Helium10

Portals allows you to create your own custom landing pages to capture leads, increase sales, and grow your Amazon business.


plugnpaid is an online eCommerce platforms for SMEs and solopreneurs.

ReadyCloud Suite

ReadyCloud is the shipping, returns and CRM suite built for eCommerce.

Peggy Pay

Peggy Pay offers an amazingly comprehensive payment page builder to build very effective and beautiful payment pages, surveys or any kind of webform you need.


Zid is an e-commerce solution that is designed to empower retailers to start and scale their business using the power of eCommerce by providing them with the following : **E-Store:** **Ecosystem** **Empowerment** **Community**

Chec Platform

API-first eCommerce platform for developers & designers Rapidly create custom eCommerce experiences on web and mobile with our fully headless platform. Our eCommerce layer handles all the tedious logic for you.


Voucher Connect is an app for selling, managing and maintaining gift voucher revenue.

AddEvent and your payment provider software can be used for:

Transfer RSVP attendees to your payment provider software

When you have created an event that requires RSVP, you can transfer the collected information entered by the attendee automatically to e.g. a contact list.


Add "add to calendar links" into your payment provider confirmation emails

When your users RSVP for your event, use your connected payment provider software to send a confirmation email. Use AddEvent's automated "add to calendar" functionality to create "add to calendar" links and embed that inside the confirmation email.

We support a wide range of most popular used calendar providers:
Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Office 365,, Yahoo Calendar


Add an event to your AddEvent calendar

When your users sign up for e.g. one of your appointments, automatically create the event to your AddEvent calendar and display the events using AddEvent's embeddable calendar.


Using a service we don't yet cover?

If you use a service we don't yet offer an integration for, please let us know! Supporting an integration for that service might be only an activation away.