Notify, a new messaging and notification platform for a user friendly and faster communication in B2B & B2C.


HelpdeskAdvanced is an ITIL v3 compliant web- and mobile-based solution governing services across all organisational areas where Service Management is a key factor in the successful achievement of your company’s objectives.


Vxt is a smart voicemail driven assistant that converts your voicemails to text and provides you with tools which save time and money by automating administrative tasks.


CallHippo is a VOIP service provider.


Companywell provides people and company data with unparalleled accuracy. Our datasets allow sales, marketing and recruiting teams to find new prospects (with email addresses), find new companies, and enrich records with over 55+ unique data fields.

Nobel SMS

Nobel SMS provides international A to Z SMS termination at the most competitive rates, web based SMS applications, bulk SMS for SMS campaigns and advanced SMS enterprise solutions via API with real-time monitoring.


OneWaySMS Malaysia offers a complete bulk SMS service that allow businesses to send customized SMS to an ever increasing mobile audience.


Zenvia is a communication platform that simplifies the relationship between companies and consumers.


Alive5 is a lead generation tool that engages people on your website, phone line, and real-world marketing materials to help generate more business opportunities.


Dropcontact is a B2B 100% GDPR compliant solution to enrich your CRM's data

AddEvent and your messaging software can be used for:

Transfer RSVP attendees to your messaging software

When you have created an event that requires RSVP, you can transfer the collected information entered by the attendee automatically to e.g. a contact list.


Add "add to calendar links" into your messaging confirmation emails

When your users RSVP for your event, use your connected messaging software to send a confirmation email. Use AddEvent's automated "add to calendar" functionality to create "add to calendar" links and embed that inside the confirmation email.

We support a wide range of most popular used calendar providers:
Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Office 365,, Yahoo Calendar


Add an event to your AddEvent calendar

When your users sign up for e.g. one of your appointments, automatically create the event to your AddEvent calendar and display the events using AddEvent's embeddable calendar.


Using a service we don't yet cover?

If you use a service we don't yet offer an integration for, please let us know! Supporting an integration for that service might be only an activation away.