Userflow is a user onboarding platform, which lets your whole team build customized in-app tours, checklists and surveys, without code.

Chat Agents

Chat Agents is a true human-managed 24/7 website live chat service provider.


Octoparse is a web-scraping tool to extract unstructured data from websites and organize in structured formats.

Tactful UCX

Tactful Unified Cognitive Customer Experience Platform is the next generation omnichannel customer experience technology that helps your business achieve the best results across touchpoints using AI and data centric approach.


ExpertTexting is a SMS platform to send and receive SMS to more than 200 countries globally.


CallPaaS is a cloud-based telephony solution for businesses of all sizes.


indemandly is a messaging app for your website & social media that helps convert visitors into customers.


Check is an open source web platform for collaborative fact-checking and annotation.

Contractor Foreman

Contractor Foreman is the most affordable all-in-one construction management software for contractors and is trusted by contractors in more than 75 countries. Recently named a Top App by, Capterra, SoftwareAdvice and ConstrucTECH.

Tender Support

Tender Support is an elegant help desk that organizes your customer care so you can focus on delivering the best service possible.

AddEvent and your messaging software can be used for:

Transfer RSVP attendees to your messaging software

When you have created an event that requires RSVP, you can transfer the collected information entered by the attendee automatically to e.g. a contact list.


Add "add to calendar links" into your messaging confirmation emails

When your users RSVP for your event, use your connected messaging software to send a confirmation email. Use AddEvent's automated "add to calendar" functionality to create "add to calendar" links and embed that inside the confirmation email.

We support a wide range of most popular used calendar providers:
Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Office 365,, Yahoo Calendar


Add an event to your AddEvent calendar

When your users sign up for e.g. one of your appointments, automatically create the event to your AddEvent calendar and display the events using AddEvent's embeddable calendar.


Using a service we don't yet cover?

If you use a service we don't yet offer an integration for, please let us know! Supporting an integration for that service might be only an activation away.