Salesquared is a leading email validation service. We provide APIs with complete SDKs and integrations, so you can seamlessly automate your email collection process. Validating email addresses in real-time is easier than ever.


Verifalia is a fast and accurate email verification service which identifies deliverable, invalid, or otherwise risky email addresses in real-time: it stops bad and low-quality emails getting into your systems, reduces bounce rates and keeps your campaigns deliverable. is a news service provider platform that helps Readers to subscribe to the various news providers under the same table while providing Publishers a way to get more recurring visitors & subscribers.


Viafirma is an electronic signature solution for large and small teams.

Simpleen Translation

Simpleen enables you to customize translations from your machine translation service.


DreamCampaigns is an email & SMS marketing platform. Create beautiful and engaging emails & texts and send them to your subscribers.


Legalesign is electronic signature software where you can receive updates of contract signing events linked to your CRM database and upload or download signed documents between Legalesign and your favourite software.

Global IntelliSystems

Global IntelliSystems is an email, mobile, and text marketing system.

Anymail finder

Anymail is a sales and marketing tool that allows you to find anybody's email address.


MillionVerifier is an email verifier service and API

Using a service we don't yet cover?

If you use a service we don't yet offer an integration for, please let us know! Supporting an integration for that service might be only an activation away.