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How to Write a Compelling Press Release for Your Event

A press release is content that announces something noteworthy or of material significance about a company, brand, or individu...


What is Event Management—and Why Does It Matter?

We all have events that remain in our memories for years. Whether it’s a friend’s wedding or an exciting product launch, perso...


How to Secure the Right Kind of Event Sponsorship

Events can be entertaining, educational, and inspirational. To achieve this, however, you have to invest money in them.  ...


How to Sell Out Your Band’s First Show… And Every Show After

So you’re finally ready to get out of your buddy’s mom’s garage, and take your show on the road? Good for you!! If you onl...

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10 Best Ways to Boost Remote Employee Engagement

The surge of remote work has revolutionized the way organizations operate, allowing employees to work from anywhere globally. ...


Hybrid Meeting Technology: Why Hybrid Events are the Future of Meetings and Events

With remote work being here to stay and an increasing number of people looking to attend events virtually, event organizers ha...


From Concept to Execution: The Art of Planning a Corporate Business Event

Corporate business events are more than mere gatherings. They are a powerful mix of careful planning, teamwork, creativity, an...


Five Email Event Reminder Templates for Businesses of all Sizes

You’ve put a lot of work into organizing an event that’s crucial for your business to succeed. You’ve garnered tons of interes...


Combining AddEvent and ActiveCampaign for Event Marketing

If you're using ActiveCampaign and are looking to enhance your event marketing efforts, look no further! Sending Email...


Boosting Efficiency with Digital Calendars: A Productivity Pro’s Guide

In today's fast-paced digital age, effective time management and productivity are crucial for professionals across all industr...


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