Here’s How a New York Law Firm Used AddEvent to Increase Webinar Attendance Rates by 190% use case

Published Feb 23rd, 2024 by   Nicolas Zenker

You can find a webinar for nearly anything and everything, and that doesn’t stop with lawyers.

If anything, working in law means staying on top of ever-changing regulations and laws that seem to get passed at all hours of the day (and night). Thankfully, many lawyers work with marketing experts to get their webinars front and center for interested audiences, including the team that works with Zack Wysocki. 

Zack Wysocki is a former Director of Marketing and Development at Keller Williams who left the corporate world to pursue consulting. Zack consults across various industries, working with real estate agents, law firms, medical billing companies, brokerages, you name it. 

In recent years, he has been consulting closely with a law firm in upstate New York, dealing with an issue that most marketing managers have felt the pain of — getting people to attend their webinars. 

When Zack first started working with the firm, they struggled with having the lawyers set up and send invitations to attendees for their webinars. While lawyers are great at understanding complex laws and making their cases, it’s no surprise that many lack marketing chops. Zack quickly jumped in to help implement a process to eliminate this particular issue. 

When the lawyers wanted to plan a webinar, they would work with someone on the team who could help translate what exactly the lawyers wanted to share during the virtual event into a full webinar that could be easily marketed.

With laws changing daily, each with detailed information that must be carefully communicated, law firms need to be able to share pertinent information quickly. Because of this, the firm Zack was working with sent out webinar invitations multiple times a day to keep their staff and network up to date. However, the firm was sending webinar invitations that included .ics files and were manually adding the webinar to their attorney’s calendars. Thanks to this combination of factors, these webinars continued to experience a lack of attendees.

After consistently seeing lower-than-expected attendance rates, the team realized they needed to solve this drop-off issue in order to fix attendance. They realized that despite sending .ics files in their invitations, most registrants weren’t taking the extra step of actually adding the webinar to their calendars. 

Why was this happening, you might ask? Because, let’s face it, no one really knows what to do with an .ics file! They know how to download it, but unless they use the default calendar on their device, they can never figure out how to get it onto their desired calendar. 

“Recently, one of my clients faced challenges with their multi-day workshops. We had great registration numbers but terrible attendee numbers. After the registration, we needed a clean and seamless integration that enabled the user to add the multi-day workshops to their calendar.”

Enter, AddEvent. 

AddEvent was the perfect solution for what Zack and the firm were looking for. It allowed them to share webinar invitations with an easy-to-use add to calendar link for email invitations and add to calendar buttons and calendars for their website, getting the webinars directly on their guests’ calendars at the time of their RSVP. Better yet, AddEvent was sending reminder emails to their registrants before the webinar began.  

AddEvent allowed the marketing team to whip up an event for their webinar quickly, send out invitations, and, most importantly, get the registrants to actually show up. 

“10/10 Recommend. We’ve seen a massive uptick in attendees after making this small and cost-effective adjustment.”

Since the implementation of AddEvent, Zack and the law firm saw an impressive 190% increase in RSVPs and attendees. 

As the attendee size has continually increased, Zack and the law firm have started upgrading their production equipment now that they know guests will attend. With the introduction of AddEvent and some new equipment, Zack is confident that the attendee numbers will continue to grow.

“We’ve just started investing in better equipment for our webinars and podcasts, so I foresee the numbers increasing a lot as the production value increases.”

Zack and the attorneys are excited to see how their webinar program develops and eager to see their numbers climb.

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