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Updated Dec 5th, 2023 by   Nicolas Zenker

Add-to-calendar links are a fantastic tool that enables you to get your events in people’s calendars by sharing a link in the emails you send them. Not only are our add-to-calendar links functional, but they also look great, ensuring that your emails look stylish and professional, improving click-through rate, and maximizing the likelihood that your users use the add-to-calendar links to add your events to their calendars.

DEMO: Take a look at our “Share Events” solution page. 

AddEvent allows you to choose from two beautiful templates (just copy and paste it!) or you can create your own style so you can customize the add-to-calendar links to look exactly as you want them. Want to keep it really simple? We’ve also got you covered: just add a simple plain text add-to-calendar link to your email!

Our add-to-calendar links allow you to share single events (including the ability to collect RSVPs if you want), calendars containing multiple events that users can subscribe to (these calendars are really cool: they create a dynamic connection between our system and your users’ calendars so you can update or add events and these changes will be reflected in your users’ calendars) or unique events for every user using our Direct URL Method

AddEvent’s add-to-calendar links have all the same functionality as our famous add-to-calendar button, but are used when you need to share your event via email because, unfortunately, our button doesn’t work in emails (that’s not our fault – our button works using JavaScript which doesn’t work in emails for security reasons)!

This article will show you how to share events using add-to-calendar links for emails!

How to use add-to-calendar links in your emails

  1. Create an event in our dashboard
    Add the event details including time, date and location (this could be a Zoom link or a Google meet link for remote events). Choose whether users need to RSVP before adding the event to their calendars.
  2. Get your add-to-calendar links
    In the event details page, scroll down to the sharing section. Choose your preferred style of add-to-calendar links (or customise them to your preference) and hit the `Copy` button.

  3. Include the add-to-calendar links in your emails
    Paste the links you just copied directly into your email or email service.

  4. All done!
    When your users receive your email, they can simply click the add-to-calendar link corresponding to the calendar service that they use to easily add your event to their calendar.

To use our add-to-calendar links to allow users to subscribe to your calendar instead of adding a single event, you can follow the same process. However, you’ll also need to create a calendar in our dashboard, add your events to that calendar, and then copy the add-to-calendar links for the calendar you want to share instead of the single event. 

Dynamic add-to-calendar links

Do you have multiple unique events that you need to add to your emails to users? Our Direct URL Method allows you to add dynamic add-to-calendar links to your email campaigns that link back to your database and update for every individual users’ unique event, meeting, or appointment.

These dynamic add-to-calendar links are perfect for confirmation emails containing a personalized event that users can quickly and easily add to their calendar, or marketing campaigns with unique events for every user. Check out our extensive documentation, the Direct URL feature page, or contact us to learn more.

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