Online Event RSVP For Any Event how-to

Updated Jun 12th, 2024 by   Nicolas Zenker

Manage RSVPs for your event with our online RSVP tool.

Easily add event RSVPs and collect RSVPs for your events so you can keep track of who is coming. Collect names, email addresses, and any other custom information you wish to gather from your attendees such as job title, company name, and questions for the host.

Enabling event RSVP functionality is as simple as checking the RSVP box on the event creation page. When your users navigate to your RSVP event landing page, they’ll be prompted to fill out your RSVP form, after which an Add to Calendar button will appear so they can add your event to their calendar!

Add an event RSVP Form to your Event Landing Page

  1. When you share your event landing page with your users, you want them to be prompted to RSVP for your event, as shown in the image below.
  2. After clicking ‘register’, your users will be asked to indicate if they are going and to enter their name and email address as shown below.
  3. To add an event RSVP form, create an event in the AddEvent Dashboard

    • Navigate to the ‘Dashboard‘ page on
    • Click the white “+ Create” button, and select “Event”
    • Enter your event time, date and details into the event creation page
    • Check the RSVP box (see image below)
    • When you check the RSVP box, a dropdown menu will appear from which you can choose an RSVP form to use. You can use a custom RSVP form you have created, or you can use the “Standard RSVP” form provided by AddEvent (see image below).
    • Once the event has been created, you will be able to customize your RSVP settings and create a custom RSVP form if desired. More information about RSVP settings and custom RSVP forms is discussed here.
    • To finish, click the blue “Create” button
  4. Share your event with your customers by using the Add to Calendar Links (also known as an RSVP link) in an email. Or use an Add to Calendar Button on your website or landing page.

    • The links and buttons are fully functional and linked to your event. When your users click the links or button, they’ll be taken to a unique landing page for your event where they’ll be prompted to RSVP for your event!

    • For a tutorial on how to add “Add to Calendar Links” to an email, check out our article on Add to Calendar buttons for Mailchimp. This guide is also available to watch on YouTube or below:

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