Add to Calendar Link Generator for Upcoming Events tips and tricks

Updated Oct 3rd, 2023 by   Nicolas Zenker

Our “Add to Calendar link generator” allows you to quickly generate an event link, allowing your users to add your event to their calendar with all of the necessary details with the click of a button.

Using AddEvent, you can generate “Add to Calendar” links that can be embedded in an email, on your website, in a social media post, in a marketing email, and on landing pages. 

Once you have an account, you can quickly generate an Add to Calendar link or button. While AddEvent provides landing pages and embeddable calendars, if you want to promote your event using your preferred marketing automation tool of choice, you can use our links and buttons within your own marketing emails. If you don’t have an email marketing tool yet, check out our in-app integration with Mailchimp.  

Add to calendar links in an email

Customized Calendar

The “Add to Calendar” link and button can both be customized with the event’s details, such as the title, location, start and end times and description. You can also choose from a variety of calendar icons and colors to match the event’s theme.

RSVP Functionality

In addition to the “Add to Calendar” buttons and links, AddEvent offers RSVP. functionality where you can collect attendee details for your upcoming events. No longer will you need to wonder how many guests will be in attendance. Now, you can collect not only a head count but also gather information with customizable form fields.

CRM Integration

Getting calendar, event, and RSVP data into your CRM is crucial for accounts, sales, and event teams pre and post-event. If you already have a specific CRM in mind, you can integrate your CRM with AddEvent with Zapier to get RSVPs and calendar subscriber information directly into your CRM.

Our tools are for anyone who wants to create and share events, and make it easy for others to add them to their calendar. With our customizable options, “Add to Calendar” link generator, RSVP tools, and data collection, AddEvent is a great way to promote and track events.

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