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15 Best Calendar Apps to Skyrocket Your Productivity in 2023

It's a productivity organizer with reminders and due dates, or a memory keeper for the most important events in our lives. Tha...

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Maximizing User Experience Through Effective Website Design

Your website is your frontline effort to reach your audience. As most of the world goes digital, businesses need to build thei...

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How To Create A Perfect Event Recap

A post-event recap is a report that provides useful information to your stakeholders and community on key ideas of the event. ...


Landing Page vs. Website: Which do you need for your event and why?

Are you organizing an event? If it’s a public-facing event, you may want to have a page to draw the attention of your target a...

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Craft The Perfect Event Email in 6 Easy Steps

Your company’s next big event has just been released. And guess who’s in charge? It’s you! Your company just decided on a n...


How to Write an Enticing Webinar Invitation to Increase RSVPs

Planning a webinar? Live video conferences and online business events are fast becoming popular marketing tactics for generati...


We are pleased to announce our acquisition of Eventable!

Today, we are excited to announce that we have acquired Eventable, a leading calendar marketing solution! Joining forces wi...

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4 Tips to Help You Prioritize Tasks and Boost Your Productivity

Prioritization is one of life’s greatest challenges. It is a way to determine what tasks need to be done based on their urgenc...


Google Calendar Hacks: 12 Features To Make Your Day More Productive

Google Calendar is a popular workplace and personal organization tool. It can help users prioritize and respond to emails, kee...

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Embedding your AddEvent calendar on Readymag

This tutorial will direct you to the Help Documentation on Readymag for integrating embeddable calendars to your Readymag site...


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