Fabriik is a tokenization platform on BSV Blockchain.


Agiled is an all in one business management platform designed to help you manage employees, projects , tasks, track your time, create professional contracts, track expenses and send professional invoices that get you paid faster.


Safepoint is a lone worker safety platform to keep your workers safe.


DailyBot is your team's daily assistant. Put your stand-up meetings, status reports and check-ins on cruise control, save time and increase productivity.


GoodSeeker is a tool to capture and share employee success stories and promote positive work culture.


TimeORA is a clock in, clock out application that allows employees to digitally track their employees working hours without the need for paper timesheets.


Participate is a team collaboration app that combines your favorite parts of social media and online learning in Communities of Practice (CoPs) that inspire professional learning, connection and growth.

Nozbe Teams

Nozbe Teams is an organizational tool for distributed teams with the simplicity of a to-do list and the speed and versatility of communication tools like email or chat.


Weekday is a messaging & collaboration platform that brings your team together. For information on how to connect your Weekday channel, please see


Hyperproof is a tool for managing your compliance programs.

AddEvent and your collaboration software can be used for:

Transfer RSVP attendees to your collaboration software

When you have created an event that requires RSVP, you can transfer the collected information entered by the attendee automatically to e.g. a contact list.


Add "add to calendar links" into your collaboration confirmation emails

When your users RSVP for your event, use your connected collaboration software to send a confirmation email. Use AddEvent's automated "add to calendar" functionality to create "add to calendar" links and embed that inside the confirmation email.

We support a wide range of most popular used calendar providers:
Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Office 365,, Yahoo Calendar


Add an event to your AddEvent calendar

When your users sign up for e.g. one of your appointments, automatically create the event to your AddEvent calendar and display the events using AddEvent's embeddable calendar.


Using a service we don't yet cover?

If you use a service we don't yet offer an integration for, please let us know! Supporting an integration for that service might be only an activation away.