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Time zone lookup

Enter your country, capital or address to lookup a time zone. We use the IANA Time Zone Database which is the standard used by all major calendar systems and is a standard in all programming languages.

Time Zone Lookup Tool Instructions:

  1. Enter Location Information: Type your country, capital, or address in the search bar.
  2. Review the Results: Examine the list of time zones and find your specific one.
  3. Copy Your Time Zone: Click on your time zone to copy it to the clipboard.
  4. Paste and Use: Paste the time zone where needed in your application or project.

About Our Time Zone Lookup Tool:

Powered by the IANA Time Zone Database, our tool ensures accuracy and reliability in time zone management.

Key Features:

  • Global Standard: The IANA Time Zone Database, a globally recognized standard, underpins our tool's functionality.
  • Universal Compatibility: Supported by all major calendar systems, our tool provides a standardized approach to time zones across different platforms.
  • Programming Language Integration: A standard in all programming languages, the IANA Time Zone Database ensures seamless integration, making it easy for developers to incorporate precise time zone information into their projects.

Whether you're a developer seeking a reliable time zone solution or an individual looking to understand and manage time zones effortlessly, our Time Zone Lookup Tool has you covered. Enter your location, find your time zone, click and copy.