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A post-event recap is a report that provides useful information to your stakeholders and community on key ideas of the event. This could impact how they communicate and collaborate. It’s most useful in the days after the event and the best time to publish this report is within 48 hours of the event ending. After two weeks, the information gets a bit stale. Make sure that you schedule enough time for writing or your task might get lost. 

Here are some tips on writing the perfect event recap.

Take notes

To write a great report, you have to start gathering data while the event is still running. Take the time to write notes on different things or what impressed the most. Memory can fail you and you will probably not remember everything even if your memory is amazing. This is why you need to write things down while it’s still happening. Make some notes on takeaways and so on. You don’t have to use all of this data but some of it will be useful to you. 

  • Write the event overview
  • Write about the location of the event 
  • Number of people at the event 
  • Thank the event sponsors and employers

Take Photos

Make sure that you have permission to take photos at the event. Ask organizers if there is a photography policy and stick to it. Some people require the photos to be published with a CC license and some forbid people from taking pictures altogether. Some will offer photos taken by the official photographer at the event. Whatever the requests, you have to respect them. It’s much easier and more polite to ask for permission. 

Obtain permission from the people in the photos to publish them. You might not need to do this if the conference provides pins or other markers for people who don’t want to appear in the photos. Be polite and ask for a photo before you take pictures. If they decline your request, respect that. Let them take a look at the photo if they allow you to take pictures to make sure that they are satisfied with their appearance and be transparent about where the photo will be posted. 

“Capture images with the highest possible quality or pick some images from the possible choices in the event’s library,” says Stephanie Forrest, a business writer at BoomEssays and Research Paper Writers.

Find video and audio

If there are sessions already recorded at the event, it’s always good to ask for links to recordings. Embed that link in the post if there was only one talk. If there were several talks, pick a few best sessions and make sure that you introduce these sessions properly. The readers should understand easily why they should listen to those sessions. You should do the same for videos. 

Make sure that, if available, your videos and audios have transcripts or closed captions for the hearing impaired. 

Understand how to tag photos

Most organizers let people know which tags to use for their photos when posting them across different platforms. Note the tags that you are supposed to use and add them to your post. If there is no hashtag for the event, then ask for one at the start of the event and help people by sharing the hashtag. Gather news and feedback from the event so that you can share it with your report and offer that resource to the event organizers. 

Gather extras

“Materials like diagrams and various other resources can really come in handy. Ask for these from the speakers and people who own them so that you can add them to the report,” says Jennifer Allison, a marketing specialist at OXEssays and Essay Services.

Write the report

Prepare an outline for the post and start with the basics mentioned in the list above. Expand from there. 

Writing an event report can be fun and interesting because you get to take the most important things from the event and translate them into something valuable for the audience. Have a great time at the event and an even better time writing a report. 

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