How AddEvent Helped Conversion Wise Increase Calendar Subscribers by 500% success stories

Updated Feb 22nd, 2024 by   Nicolas Zenker

ConversionWise is a design optimization agency focused on increasing conversion rates for their clients. They offer design and audit services to customers looking to increase their website and landing page conversion rates. In the summer of 2022, ConversionWise decided to expand its offering to make its services accessible to a broader audience and introduced ConversionWise Academy. The academy was introduced at a monthly cost of $97 instead of the $497 that was previously required for ConversionWise to audit company pages. In addition to being significantly more affordable and accessible than design or audit services, ConversionWise Academy gives users access to their course with step-by-step training and checklists, a community of experts and peers for 24/7 feedback, and weekly office hours where they can get hands-on help and learn from industry-leading experts.

ConversionRate Academy course

Within eight weeks of launching their new model, Conversion Wise Academy had its first few hundred signups and was off to the races. One of the key offerings of the academy is access to their community and membership platform. Their first round of participants jumped into their platform and were eager to take advantage of the weekly coaching and Q&A sessions. ConversionWise Academy was utilizing an out-of-the-box solution provided to them by their hosting platform that allowed their end-users to add these sessions to their calendars and live directly in their academy platform. However, their end-users began encountering issues with the basic calendar plugin that was being utilized. Additionally, ConversionWise quickly found that they needed more features like event reminders, recurring events, and basic add to calendar functionality that would work flawlessly across all calendar services.

Weekly Office Hours

ConversionWise Academy participants were reporting bugs with the calendar widget that was being used and were getting frustrated with the inability to use the calendar properly. Simultaneously, the co-founder of ConversionWise, Oliver, was participating in a different academy with a seamlessly functioning calendar widget. He reached out to the academy hosts and learned AddEvent powered their membership calendar. 

The ConversionWise team removed the previous calendar widget they were using and instead embedded AddEvent’s embeddable calendar into their community page, where they displayed the schedule of events with a subscribe button. This allowed their students to subscribe to the entire ConversionWise course calendar in one step and add their events ad-hock if preferred. 

Upcoming Events list powered by AddEvent

Using embeddable calendars and events lists with AddEvent resulted in a 500% increase in ConversionWise Academy’s calendar subscribers since removing its outdated plugin and implementing AddEvent.  Since implementing AddEvent, Conversion Wise has seen an uptick in attendees to their weekly calls, reducing their academy churn rate. Conversion Wise’s Academy continues to grow, and they have received positive feedback from their members, who love the ease of use and the features that AddEvent’s tools provide.

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