Embedding your AddEvent calendar on Readymag how-to

Updated Oct 3rd, 2023 by   Nicolas Zenker

This tutorial will direct you to the Help Documentation on Readymag for integrating embeddable calendars to your Readymag site.

As you might already know, AddEvent is an add-to-calendar service that makes it incredibly easy to share events and calendars, helping ensure your users add them to their calendars. Getting your events on the desired calendars highly increases the likelihood of your customers or leads attending your events. What better way to get your events in front of interested eyes than to embed your events calendar on your website or landing page? AddEvent provides a simple and seamless way for your users to add the event to their calendar with a single click, lowering churn and increasing conversion! 

Readymag is your one-stop shop for designing websites, portfolios, and a variety of digital publications. They are known for their ease of use for creating short, simple, and beautiful websites at the drop of a hat. Perfect for those looking to create their portfolio, landing pages, or presentations without the use of code; Readymag is your path to success. 

To get started with your integration between AddEvent and Readymag, head over to the Readymag help doc that guides you through the setup, step by step. 


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