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Published Nov 30th, 2023 by   Nicolas Zenker

One of our favorite things about our product is how seamlessly it integrates with other important marketing tools on the market. Any time we can get the AddEvent platform to sync up and automate part of your event marketing efforts, everyone wins! Today, we’re highlighting all of the things you can do when you connect your AddEvent account with AWeber’s marketing solutions. 

Meet AddEvent

Well hello there! It’s nice to meet you. We’re AddEvent, a cutting-edge software company that’s dedicated to offering best-in-class calendar marketing and event management solutions. But what does that actually mean?

Well, our platform helps organizations connect with users through calendars as a new type of marketing channel, and we’re proud to be the #1 provider of add to calendar solutions, embeddable widgets, RSVPs, and subscriber tools on the internet to drive event attendance!

Depending on how you’d like to engage with your customers, you can use AddEvent’s solutions to:

  • Share events to your user’s calendars
  • Collect RSVPs and gather attendee information when they register for your events
  • Share multiple events all at once with a subscription calendar
  • Embed a calendar on your website to display and share events
  • Share high volumes of events that can be dynamically updated

Meet AWeber

AWeber’s on a mission to deliver powerfully simple email marketing software for small businesses; leveraging automation to do the heavy lifting so the rest is just fun bits.

This straightforward marketing solution includes a ton of features that enable you to:

  • Build a comprehensive email marketing strategy
  • Create eye-catching landing pages
  • Increase engagement with email automation
  • Set up your online store and eCommerce pages
  • Drive more traffic to your site with web push notifications

And, as if these two platforms weren’t already incredible enough on their own, putting them together creates a whole new ballgame!

AddEvent & Aweber: A Dynamic Duo

Connecting AddEvent and AWeber enables you to enhance your event management and marketing workflows, meaning your customers will be happier than ever!

Thanks to Zapier’s help, you can automatically send information between the two platforms — with no code required! And, you can do more than just connect these apps. You can actually automate entire processes from start to finish, saving yourself and your team hours of work!

Let’s Talk About the Benefits 

There are a ton of benefits to syncing up your AddEvent account with your AWeber account. Our favorite template when setting up AddEvent and AWeber through Zapier is to push RSVP data from AddEvent into AWeber so you can leverage event data throughout your customer lifecycle. 

Segmentation & Personalized Engagement

If you’re using AWeber, chances are you’re already familiar with the benefits of email marketing and marketing automation. Most event marketers and email marketers work together to make sure effective communications are going out about the events attendees have gone to, or promoting upcoming events. 

Some marketers are lucky enough to be both the event and email owners. If that is you, you’ll especially love cutting out the manual process of exporting your RSVP data from AddEvent and importing it into AWeber. 

Suppose you’ve used the custom RSVP fields in AddEvent. In that case, you’ll understand the importance of using that data in your email marketing and know that you need to push those fields into your CRM to keep it the source of truth for all of your contact data.

Once you’ve updated your contact records, you can segment your list based on the events your customers have attended or other information you’ve captured in the custom RSVP fields. 

From there, you can send personalized emails that recap the event they attended, share resources such as recordings, decks, or one-pagers, send surveys, and drive attendance to future relevant events. 

Utilize AWeber’s powerful automation features to trigger your follow-up emails, reminders, and event-specific promos based on the list you create from your AddEvent data.

Automation for Effective and Streamlined Marketing 

Increase your event attendance and engagement by adding an add to calendar link in your AWeber emails. Adding your add to calendar links directly in your marketing emails reduces friction for your customers, removing the need for them to manually add your event to their calendar. When clicking the add to calendar link, AddEvent will take them directly to their calendar, with your event details filled out, and all they will need to do is hit “Save”.

Visibility for Event Marketing Efforts

Maximize your event’s overall visibility and increase conversion rates when you embed your add to calendar button or AddEvent calendar directly onto an AWeber landing page. Your customers are already visiting your landing page, so why not give them an easy-to-use button or calendar interface where they can save your events to their calendar with a simple click? 

Showcase your upcoming events, promote RSVPs and registrations, and capture valuable leads in one easy-to-find place. 

Get Connected & Start Automating Your Event Marketing Workflows

If you’re ready to get these two platforms up and running, it’s simple to get started. 

Connecting AddEvent + Aweber with Zapier

Setting this connection up is a simple and fast process. 

Follow these steps in the Zapier app:

  1. Add and authenticate your AddEvent and AWeber accounts in the Zapier app
  2. Select one of the apps as the trigger, which is going to kick off your automation
  3. Then, select a resulting action from the other app
  4. Finally, choose the data you want to send from one app to the other

Learn more and get started here!

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