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Updated Dec 5th, 2023 by   Nicolas Zenker

As you might already know, embeddable calendars are valuable tools that can engage customers, increase attendance at events, and provide appealing overviews of upcoming events on your website. A wide variety of embeddable calendars solutions, apps, and widgets are available. Let’s take a look at some of the best options.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a popular embeddable calendar solution. This event-planning and time-management web app is designed primarily for business teams, making it easy to share, view, and manage even the busiest calendars. It’s particularly useful for organizations that already use the Google suite as they are already ingrained in the Google ecosystem.


Google Calendar is free, flexible, and easy to use. Many people are already familiar with the Google Suite, it requires little training time and integrates easily into existing workflows.


Google Calendar includes limited customization options for text, color, and background. Google Calendar also doesn’t have the option to remove the branding, which isn’t ideal for customer-facing websites and branding..

How to

You can add an interactive version of your calendar to your website, and add buttons for your website visitors to save your calendar events. Google provides detailed instructions on how to use its Calendar features. 


AddEvent is designed to make it easy to share your events and calendars with your customers. You can create your events in the dashboard or import events using the API or the various integrations

→ Go to our embeddable calendar page for an interactive demo


AddEvent offers intuitive add-to-calendar buttons, beautiful embeddable widgets, RSVP collection, and subscriber tools. AddEvent’s embeddable calendars integrate quickly and seamlessly with website builders like Appy Pie Website, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Weebly, Leadpages, or Jimdo.

The setup is easy. Adding an embeddable calendar to your website is as simple as creating a calendar of your events, customizing it to suit your needs, and then copying and pasting the code into your website.

AddEvent embeddable calendars are the perfect solution for many different use cases: embed a class calendar on your course website, let your customers know when your next promotional events are happening, or let users know about upcoming tutorials, webinars, and special events.


Because it’s designed for promoting and managing events, the AddEvent calendar is less suitable for personal time management.

How to

AddEvent provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to embed calendars into your website. You can sign up here to get started for free.

Step 1: Create your calendar in the AddEvent Dashboard.

You can personalize the calendar details and choose what information to collect from the calendar subscribers’ users.

You can add the events to your newly created calendar and then get sharing! You can share these events individually using the add to calendar button, add to calendar links for emails, event landing page, and embeddable events. If you already have these events in an external calendar service, no worries, you can import events into your calendar from this service in an iCalendar (.ics) format.

Step 2: Customize your embeddable calendar

You can customize your embeddable calendar with quick customization or with custom calendar templates. These two options enable full customization for the features, default options, color, etc.

Copy and paste the code for the embeddable calendar

When you are ready,  click copy at the top of the page to copy the code for your embeddable calendar.

Paste the code for your embeddable calendar directly into your website, or your website builder. The calendar works with Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Weebly, Leadpages, Jimdo, and other leading website-building platforms.

Tip: If you are using a website builder, you should typically look for a code snippet or custom HTML section. 

Once you’ve added the code, your calendar is ready to go and should be embedded on your website. Simple as that!


Keep&Share calendar is an easy and customizable online calendar that you can access anywhere, anytime. The free version includes 1 calendar, 500 entries, 100 addresses, and 50MB of storage. (When you hit your entries limit, you can delete old entries to free up new ones.) Pay versions — for a single user and for teams— provide 3,000 calendar entries, multiple calendars and event tags, 5,000 addresses, and 5GB of storage.


The online calendar is made for small businesses, offices, and groups. It enables users to add images, colors, event tags, notes, reminders, notifications, attach files, to-do lists, links, and more. You can also set up email and text reminders for calendar events.


Because this calendar is mostly designed for small businesses, offices, and groups, it lacks some of the features needed for event organizers, webinars, and other use cases. 

How to

The Keep&Share website provides instructions on how to get started to get up and running.


Bravenet is a webmaster services provider that offers web hosting, domains, and website-building tools, including an embeddable calendar.


Bravenet’s Online Calendar enables you to keep track of all upcoming events and tasks. You can plan and share events by enabling access to your calendar, signing up for reminders, and creating events and appointments in your calendar. You can set your calendar to be open to the public or protect it with a password.


This embeddable calendar offers the basics but doesn’t provide a rich suite of features like RSVP, and appearance customization.

How to

To create a calendar, all you have to do is register for the service, copy the code onto your webpage, and begin using the calendar. There’s nothing to download.


Availability is designed for owners and managers of short-term rental properties.  it provides a simple way to create and embed a calendar into a web page. The annual fee for one calendar is $30. For those looking for advanced features, Availability also offers its Bookingmood calendar.


Availability enables you to embed a property availability calendar on your website even if you don’t have technical skills. Even better, it syncs with most content management systems and with Airbnb and other vacation rental sites. For owners of multiple rental properties, Availability offers a discount for additional calendars.


The functionality of Availability calendars is limited to short-term vacation rentals and similar use cases. It’s not a suitable solution for event planners, webinars, and other business models.

How to

With just a few clicks, you can generate code to embed your calendar on your landing page. You can publish an availability calendar directly on your website or link to a blank page or a pop-up that displays the calendar.


UpTo provides an interactive web calendar that customers and other visitors to your website can use to share events and save them to their personal calendars. Available for iPhone and Android, UpTo’s app allows mobile users to see their own calendars alongside yours.


UpTo’s website calendar generator lets you choose several different design styles and is customizable for seamless integration on your site. You can use the dashboard to add events, and they will sync across UpTo’s web calendars and mobile app.


The calendar and app have many features, which can be confusing for employees and customers.

How to

After you design your web calendar, UpTo generates a snippet of JavaScript code that you can embed in your webpage. You don’t need any programming experience.


Time.ly is an event-management software solution that provides a full suite of tools, including an events calendar, ticketing, and booking.


Time.ly helps event professionals create, promote, and manage events. You can build an events calendar for your website and import events automatically from many online sources. It also enables you to collect RSVPs and sell tickets online. Time.ly has a WordPress plug-in available for customers using WordPress.


The embeddable calendar is best for media agencies, event promoters, event venues, schools, and other event professionals, limiting effectiveness for other industries and customers.

How to

Time.ly offers a user guide, video tutorials, and chat support to help you register your account and start creating calendars.


Occasion is an online calendar-based booking and marketing platform for businesses. It provides a calendar to schedule classes, workshops, parties, and other events. The dashboard gives users an overview of their business, and customers can book and pay at the same time.


Occasion’s customizable, embeddable calendar has a simple, intuitive interface for customers. It also provides integrations with Facebook, Groupon, Google Calendar, and online payment apps. You can also add images for listings and create a waitlist for fully booked events. Occasion also offers a 90-day free trial.


It is designed primarily for the hospitality industry, so it may not be a perfect fit for other businesses. Additionally, some reviews state that users had to resort to workarounds on the backend, creating more work and custom fixes.

How to

Online onboarding tutorials make it easy to get up and running with Occasion.


Tockify’s embeddable calendar widget provides a visually appealing calendar and a fresh take on standard web calendar grids and agendas. You don’t need any programming skills to embed the calendar into your website for desktop and mobile use. You can choose between the free basic version, the premium version with advanced features ($8/month), or the private-label version with no Tockify branding ($40/month).


Tockify’s customer tool enables you to control many aspects of your calendar’s appearance.  You can use a pinboard, agenda, or monthly layout — or incorporate them in a customized layout.  You can match every aspect of your calendar’s colors and fonts to your website’s style. You can create daily, weekly, or monthly events, as well as move or cancel repeat events.


Only an agenda-style calendar is available for free. Tockify’s monthly calendar and engaging pinboard-style calendar are available only with paid plans.

How to

Tockify provides plenty of documentation on how to install the widget and add features to your calendar.

Calendars for WordPress, Wix, and Weebly

Some of the embeddable-calendar solutions that we’ve already covered integrate with leading website-building platforms. Some of these platforms offer their own embeddable calendars. For example, popular plug-ins for WordPress include The Events Calendar, Modern Events Calendar Lite, and My Calendar. Wix users also have several options for embeddable calendars, including Calendar, Events Calendar, and Event Viewer. Finally, if you use Weebly, you have many choices of embeddable calendars.

These plug-ins and apps offer a wide range of features and prices, from free versions with limited features to paid versions with expanded functionality.

Finding the right solution

An online calendar is an essential element for many websites. With so many options available, finding an engaging, user-friendly one can be a challenge. For a versatile calendar that will delight your organization’s customers and employees, consider the many features and benefits of AddEvent.

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