7 of the Best Free Calendar & Productivity Apps to Try in 2024 calendar tips

Updated Nov 14th, 2023 by   Nicolas Zenker

When it comes to keeping our lives organized and on track, we’re lucky to live in the day and age where a number of productivity tools are right at our fingertips. But with great power comes great responsibility…to do our research and actually figure out which tools are going to help us live more productive lives — and which aren’t worth the hype. 

Today, we’re putting together a sampling of free digital productivity and organizational solutions that you should consider adding to your arsenal as we move toward a new year. Let’s dive in!

Google Calendar

Yes, a physical calendar is a nice option — but having to carry it around everywhere you go? Not so nice. 

Instead, plenty of digital options will house all of your events, activities, and daily tasks across your mobile devices. 

You’re likely familiar with one of the most famous organizational tools, Google Calendar. This shareable online calendar seamlessly syncs with other Google Workspace products, making it easy to manage multiple calendars all in one place. 

One of Google Calendar’s biggest strengths is that this cloud-based app automatically updates all your devices, so you’re never in the dark about what’s coming up next. 

AddEvent Pro Tip: Did you know that Google will automatically add events you receive email notifications about to your calendar? Never miss another flight, event, or reservation again. 

Microsoft Outlook

As one of the oldest calendar solutions out there, Microsoft Outlook is a great calendar solution for those who utilize Outlook as their email platform. 

Much like a Google Calendar, you can also create and sync multiple calendars on Outlook. You can also manage and overlay your teams’ calendars to see what everyone has going on all in one place. Microsoft Outlook is easily sharable through email and super simple to start using. 

Apple iCloud Calendar

If you’re an Apple user, then there’s no doubt you’re using the iCloud Calendar app to create and manage all of your calendars in one place from your iPhone, Mac, and iPad devices. 

With its clean and simple user interface, you can easily drag and drop new events onto your calendar, make notes, set reminders, and invite others to attend your events. 


In today’s remote working environment, it’s really important to find a tool that allows teams from all around the world to collaborate efficiently and effectively. For many, the key is finding a project management tool that can be customized to fit their company’s needs. 

Meet Asana, a dynamic product and project management software that can be used in a variety of ways, such as: 

  • Marketing: Utilize the Timeline view to plan and execute complex marketing campaigns with ease. 
  • Operations: Track company objectives and goals to see your business’s progress in real-time.
  • Information Technology: Streamline IT needs by organizing and standardizing internal requests. 
  • Product: Sync your product roadmap with more than 200 different types of integrations available.
  • Sales: Monitor individual performance and increase overall visibility across the company. 

There are a multitude of ways you can structure and utilize this helpful tool. You can try the Basic plan for free to see all it can do for yourself!


Are you the type of person who has a million sticky notes or to-do lists floating around the house at any given time? Now, there’s an app for that! This task manager and to-do list app can easily be sorted and scheduled, with different workspaces that can be categorized into your personal, work, or team tasks, depending on your needs. 

Here are some cool features you’ll see when using this app:

  • Set recurring due dates to help remember deadlines
  • Organize tasks into sections and subtasks to stay on track
  • Favorite or label certain tasks to find them easily down the road
  • Set reminders to stay on top of time-sensitive tasks
  • Delegate other tasks to your team
  • Get notifications when others complete tasks

Get started with organizing your life when you sign up for a Beginner account for free!


Do you have a hard time staying on task? Check out Toggl, a time-tracking software solution that keeps you focused and helps track your team’s productivity. 

There are three different tools that Toggl offers:

  • Toggl Track: Increase productivity and profitability by implementing a time-tracking system that helps teams stay focused.
  • Toggl Plan: Lay things out visually to avoid scheduling conflicts, missed deadlines, and overloaded team members. 
  • Toggl Hire: Assess candidate skill sets to make smart hiring decisions.

Plus, you can track time from inside more than 100 different tools thanks to browser extensions! Visit their website to sign up and try things for yourself.

AddEvent’s Event Management & Marketing Platform

It’s me, hi, I’m the solution — it’s me. 

AddEvent’s event calendar management platform is a must-have tool for your 2024 event marketing efforts. For one, we make it super simple to create, manage, and share your events and calendars with your customers. 

We’ve got a ton of fun features to try as well, including:

  • Sharing your events via add-to-calendar buttons for your website or add-to-calendar links for emails or social media
  • Automatically created event landing pages to share however you like
  • Embeddable events lists and embeddable calendars for seamless integration into your existing website
  • Collecting RSVPs via buttons, links, landing pages, and embeddable RSVP forms 
  • Inviting customers to subscribe to your company calendars and events lists to stay up-to-date on all future event opportunities
  • Sharing high volumes of events dynamically thanks to API solutions

AddEvent Pro Tip: Did you know that AddEvent’s platform can seriously up your event attendance — particularly with past customers? We’ve had some of our users report attendance rates 20-30% higher than the industry standard, and an increase in subscription rates by upwards of 300%!

The possibilities are pretty much sky-high when you integrate AddEvent into your suite of productivity and organizational tools, which is why you’ll want to try us before the new year gets underway. 

Sign up for one of our freemium accounts to see how AddEvent can totally transform the way you work in 2024 — and beyond!

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