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It’s a productivity organizer with reminders and due dates, or a memory keeper for the most important events in our lives. That’s why we choose not only digital calendars with care, but also the calendar tools we use in our daily work lives. We want something that makes work enjoyable and functional!

So here we have brought together a list of the best calendars and calendar tools that not only make planning easier but also aid in increasing your productivity. 

Let’s get started with our primary calendars for both personal and professional use! 

Most Popular Personal Calendars

1. Google Calendar

As a task manager and scheduler, Google Calendar strikes the right balance; it’s one of the most well-known and popular calendar apps for categorizing events, out-of-offices, tasks, and appointment slots.

On the desktop, you can view your schedule across multiple days as a list, but on mobile, there are colorful cards for each month, and events like flights from Gmail appear in your calendar as well. Events can also be organized by categorizing them and sorting them into separate calendars.

Google Calendar’s greatest strength is that it is a cloud-based app that syncs across all of your devices. This means that regardless of where you are, you will be able to access your calendar and get notifications about your planned events/meetings as well.

2. Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Microsoft Calendar is one of the oldest digital calendars on the market and is a free feature of Outlook email.

When it comes to scheduling your daily events, Outlook Calendar has kept things simple. It allows you to create and sync multiple calendars. You can manage and overlay your team calendars to get a clear picture of your upcoming schedule.

Outlook Calendar also allows you to create events and invite guests by email address. You can change the time zones so that an event begins in one time zone and ends in another. You can also add tasks, to-do lists, and notes.

3. Apple Calendar

This is a popular choice among Mac and iOS users. Apple Calendar is the standard event calendar software on all Apple devices, and it allows you to update your schedule on your iPhone, Mac, iCloud, and iPad. 

It has a simple and clean user interface that allows you to focus on your upcoming events and stay organized with its calendar app.

It incorporates drag-and-drop functionality into several other iOS apps. On a single Apple device, you can create new events, edit titles and descriptions, set locations, make a note, set reminders, and invite meeting attendees.

This is a popular choice among Mac and iOS users. Apple Calendar is the standard event calendar software on all Apple devices, and it allows you to update your schedule on your iPhone, Mac, iCloud, and iPad. 

Now that we’ve covered the three main Calendar Apps used for personal needs, let’s dig into calendar platforms that can be used to boost your marketing productivity. 

Marketing Calendar Tools

4. AddEvent

AddEvent (heyooo) is an effective event calendar management platform that aids in the organization of events with customers all around the world. It provides an intuitive dashboard allowing users to generate events at their leisure and share them in real-time.

It includes features such as event creation, RSVP collection, subscription calendars,  embeddable calendars, and automated add to calendar features.  AddEvent’s platform is built for teams who are looking to increase their event attendance with past customers seeing increases in attendance rates by 5% and an increase of 300% in subscription rates.

5. SmartTask

SmartTask is a project management and productivity tool that offers time-saving Calendar features on the web and mobile apps, making even the most mundane tasks enjoyable to complete! 

The tool can accommodate any preference for productivity in your life, whether you’re looking for a work-life calendar or a single source of truth to write down thoughts and reminders.

You can plan your tasks, track your deadlines, and plan and hold meetings with your clients and teams. You can even set reminders and notifications for the tasks and meetings when the deadline approaches. Apart from these, the tool also provides excellent real-time communication features, dashboards, analytics, and much more.

6. Plaky

Plaky is a great option for your team if you’re looking for content and editorial calendar features. It’s fully customizable, which means it can conform to the needs of your organization, content team, or one-man content creation business. 

You can use Plaky’s free content calendar template to get started and freely customize it by adding or removing elements if need be. Plus, you can use Plaky’s task management pipelines to manage all of your content from one platform—blog writers, video editors, and social media marketers—all on the same platform!

7. Asana

Asana is a cloud-based work management tool that provides plenty of features to manage your work and team and one of them is the calendar. 

It lets you schedule all your work, ensuring that you never miss a deadline or a meeting. You can view tasks by the due date on a calendar or sort and filter them in a list layout.

8. monday.com

Using the cloud-based work management platform monday.com, organizations can streamline their workflows and keep track of all of their tasks, projects, and resources in one location. The tool also offers a calendar view to visualize your project, providing you with the bigger picture without getting bogged down by all the individual tasks. 

Filtering your view is as simple as adding or removing columns from your calendar. You can create a calendar that shows you exactly what you want to see, whether it’s a full monthly calendar with every task or a weekly calendar with only outstanding tasks.

The beauty of Monday.com’s project management lies in its flexibility—you can use it for any type of workflow, whether it’s task management, customer relationship management (CRM), software development, or human resources.

9. Any.do

Formerly known as “Cal Calendar,” Any.do is a calendar app that is available on nearly every device imaginable. It functions as a one-stop shop for managing your goals, tasks, notes, reminders, and schedule.

With its elegant calendar app, Any.do can help you stay on top of things. It provides real-time notifications and location-based reminders on your schedule.

Any.do, like Apple Calendar, allows you to add travel time to location-based events. You can use custom colors for special events or appointments to avoid being drowned out by clutter.

We would be remiss to discuss calendars and productivity without mentioning the ever-popular scheduling tools. So, without further adieu… 

Scheduling Calendar Tools

10. Calendar

Calendar provides its users with two options: an online calendar app and a scheduling tool. And it easily integrates with other tools that further boost your productivity. 

The app’s interface is straightforward and simple to use. You can create an event or schedule meetings with your guests, and the transition from the calendar app to the scheduling page is seamless.

While the Calendar app provides all of the basic features of a calendar, the scheduling page allows users to create different time slots for different meetings. You can also assign a separate workspace for your team members or other businesses.

11. Fantastical

Fantastical is the next app on our list of the best calendar apps which is best known for its stunning design and user interface. Everything in the app is organized logically, and there are plenty of customization options to make your calendars unique. 

Fantastical also offers three themes to choose from: the standard Fantastical theme, a light theme, and a dark theme, all of which provide a consistent view of your calendar across desktop and mobile.

This app syncs all of your custom templates, notifications, weather settings, and more to provide a comprehensive view of all of your calendar items. Fantastical will automatically generate a conference call and add all details to your event with a single click or tap.

12. SavvyCal

Most scheduling tools put a burden on the recipient. SavvyCal makes it easy for both parties to find the best time to meet in an instant. You’ll love it for its advanced features to keep you in control of your calendar. They’ll love it for the personalized scheduling experience.

13. Vyte

Vyte is an online scheduling platform that helps professionals and companies streamline their workflow by automatically scheduling 1-on-1 appointments and group meetings. 

It allows you to share your availabilities by connecting your online calendar and setting your weekly availabilities.

It offers a smooth booking experience for your clients through a personalized booking page, sort your meetings by appointment types, qualify your prospects through a booking form, and schedule and manage your teams’ appointments.

14. eEvent App by Jifflenow

Jifflenow’s eEvent app helps make managing B2B meeting scheduling at conferences and events easier for marketing and sales teams and meeting and event managers. 

It saves countless hours by eliminating the need for spreadsheets and back-and-forth communication by aligning meeting topic(s) and room availability along with the availability of your internal experts, sales reps, and executive team members. 

eEvent eliminates double bookings, and time zone confusion and provides notifications for internal and external attendees.

15. Pensight

Pensight is a link-in-bio store for creators that allows you not only to host your links but to also sell and schedule appointments, 1:1 and group coaching services, courses, and digital products. 

It gives you all the tools, from calendar management and integrations to payments, client communications, video calling, and recording. You can set your recurring availability, connect your Google or Outlook calendars to avoid clashes and allow clients easily purchase and schedule appointments with you directly from your socials.

Plan your schedule & meetings smartly! 

Even though most online calendar apps serve the same purpose of increasing productivity, they differ in features, design, and use cases. Whether you use a calendar app for personal or business purposes, it should help make your life easier, not harder. Explore the various calendar apps and then select the one that is best suited to your needs.

If you’re already a part of a dynamic and efficient ecosystem like that of Google or Microsoft, using their other products alongside their calendar app to help support your business would be an added benefit.

If you are using calendar tools to enhance your current setup, using tools like AddEvent, SmartTask, or Asana, can keep things simple while ensuring peak efficiency.

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