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Updated Oct 3rd, 2023 by   Nicolas Zenker

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Calendars and events are now embeddable ✅

The big news here is that our embeddable calendar functionality (formerly only available via CalendarX, a separate tool) has now been fully brought over into the AddEvent ecosystem. This means that you can now easily take calendars created in the AddEvent Dashboard and embed them directly into your websites or landing pages. If you don’t have room for a full calendar on your website, we’ve just released a new option which allows you to embed your calendar as a beautiful (but space saving) list of upcoming events. You can also allow users to subscribe to any calendar you’ve embedded, and you can choose to collect their contact information when they subscribe.

We’ve also built and launched embeddable events and RSVP forms. Now you can share individual events right on your website, or integrate RSVP forms directly into your landing pages to collect RSVPs for your next event!

Our goal is to make it easy for you to keep your users engaged and informed about all your upcoming events. Take 3 minutes to try it yourself! Here’s a quick step-by-step video that shows you how to embed a calendar in your website:

We love the default look of our embeddable events and calendars, but we provide access to the full HTML of our embeddable widgets, just in case you want to customize them to match the design of your website 🙂 All of our widgets were built to work perfectly with any website, including all common website builders like WordPress, WIX, Weebly, Squarespace and more.

Zapier Integration 📋

  • Integrate with Marketo, Mailchimp, Salesforce and more
  • Collect contact information from your RSVP event attendees
  • Automatically send that information to your CRM

When you collect information from your users in an AddEvent RSVP form, you can now automatically send that information to Marketo, Mailchimp, Salesforce or whatever CRM tool you use via one of our new integrations. For example, when you collect user’s names and email addresses in your RSVP forms, you can now add their contact information directly into your MailChimp mailing lists. These integrations are built through Zapier, which allows you to connect AddEvent with over 2,000 other apps and services of your choosing.

If you need to connect to a service that Zapier doesn’t offer, don’t worry, we still have our amazing API that you can use to build a custom integration to transfer your customer data. If you prefer, you can also export your RSVP information in a .csv file.

More improvements 😇

Support for recurring events

AddEvent now supports recurring events, and they work with all major calendar vendors. This gives you even more power to create, organize and share your events. It also means that your end-users can now easily add all instances of a recurring event to their calendar – or even RSVP to all the events – with a single click, instead of needing to add each event individually.

New location field (works great with Zoom, Google Meet and more…)

We’ve added new location field functionality to our events which allows you to save and re-use locations where your events take place. This is especially helpful for online events, since you can save your Zoom, Google Meet or other video conferencing link and reuse it for other events.

Password protect your events

All events now have optional access codes. If you enable the access code for an event, no one will be able to view the landing page for that event or add that event to their calendar without the code. Use this when you need to secure private or confidential event information from unauthorized access.

Follow up emails for RSVP events

We’ve now added the ability to automatically send a follow up email to your RSVP event attendees. This is a great way to collect feedback about your event or to follow up with your attendees with more information, like how to get in touch or when your next event will be.

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If there are any other features that you’d like to see in the future, or you have feedback or a support issue, please let us know at support@addevent.com – we love hearing from you 🙂

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