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Updated Aug 23rd, 2020 by   Nicolas Zenker

Welcome to the button where it all began. The Add to Calendar button.

This is a button that can be used on your website to provide your users with a quick and effortless way to add your events to their calendars. When your users click the button, our service quickly adds your event to their calendar of choice.

Please note: integrating this tool into your website requires basic coding knowledge

What should I use it for?

You should use the Add to Calendar button on your website if you have an event that you want your users to be able to add to their calendars. By making it quick and easy for your users to add your event to their calendars, you increase the likelihood that they will do so.

Once your event is on their calendars, your users will be reminded of your event and company each time they view their calendar, which is about 10 times / day on average. If that doesn’t generate top of mind awareness and increased attendance rates, I don’t know what will.

Please note: the Add to Calendar button is for use on domains only. It can’t be used in emails as email vendors do not allow JavaScript for security reasons. For emails and social sharing, we recommend creating and sharing events via the Dashboard or Events API. If you are using a Mail API and sending a high-volume of emails, we recommend using the Direct URL Method (works great for automated email campaigns.)

What is the user’s experience like?

Here’s how it works on Google:

  1. Your users click the Add to Calendar button.
  2. They are prompted to choose the account for the desired calendar (right image)
  3. When they select an account, they are shown a screen asking their permission for to manage their calendar. When they click “allow”, the event is immediately added to their calendar, and they see the image displayed below

These steps are the same for your users on (which also includes,, Office 365, Exchange, and more). Other calendar applications have slightly different user experiences. Here are some of the most common:

On Apple devices, when your users click the button, the native calendar program will automatically open and users will simply need to click “save” to add your event to their calendar.

For Outlook, (not clicking the button will download a calendar file. When your users click the file, the default calendar program will open and your users will simply need to click “save.”

For Yahoo, when your users click the button, their Yahoo! calendar will open with the event ready to be added when they click “save.”

Regardless of which calendar platform your users prefer, getting your event onto their calendar is quick and painless. Your users will also receive a push notification on their phone before the event starts to remind them to attend. You get to decide how far in advance they get this helpful reminder (the default is 15 minutes).

Some tech specs

If you’re a developer or just want to get into the nuts and bolts of the tech, head over to our Add to Calendar Button documentation to learn about the installation process, parameters, attributes, advanced settings, etc.

The Add to Calendar button is language independent and comes with several pre-designed themes, though you’re also able to fully customize its appearance if desired. It is time zone and daylight savings time compatible, runs on all modern browsers, and works on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

If you’re ready to discover the impact the Add to Calendar button can have on your business, and you haven’t yet created an account, then let’s get started.

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