Shifting the Paradigm forum

Wednesday, March 7

Shifting the Paradigm forum presented by Carolinian Canada & World Wildlife Fund Canada
How do we work together to build a thriving native plant industry?
Wednesday, March 7th, 2018
St. James Cathedral Centre, 65 Church St., Toronto
Time: TBD
There’s a quiet revolution underway. In the Zone and other successful gardening programs for native plants and pollinators demonstrate the growing awareness that what we plant makes a difference. Businesses, institutions, municipalities and homeowners across Ontario are creating attractive, green, climate-resilient, natural infrastructure with native plants.

This growing desire to take action represents a shift in the market for the billion-dollar horticulture industry in Ontario. Professional planters and lay enthusiasts are saying that demand for native plants exceeds supply. First Nations and entrepreneurial ecologists are already leading the way. Is it time for the industry to ramp up production and distribution?

Join us as we map the native plant supply chain with leaders from the horticultural and landscaping sectors, governments, First Nations, social finance, retail distributors, NGOs and garden clubs.

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Wednesday, March 7