Architecture And Design That Embody Authenticity And Place


Tuesday, November 9, 2:00pm - 3:00pm (EST)

Increasing end-user demands for unique and enriching experiences underpinned by local, regional and contextual authenticity are well understood, but how do talented interior designers and architects distill the essence of a place in their work? What research, process and techniques do they employ to capture and convey this relevantly and responsibly? And where do they view the line between the embodiment of place, culture and surroundings, and pastiche?

Speakers: Jonathan Ashomore (Founder and Principal Architect, ANARCHITECT), Neydine Bak (Co-founder, VerhaalC), Robert Shakespeare (Group Design Director, Cracknell)

Attend this forum on the 9th November at Downtown Design
Location: d3 waterfront, Dubai Design District
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