How to duplicate an event

Published  November 23rd, 2022  by Michael Nilsson

This guide explains how to duplicate an event. Duplicating an event is useful when you have the same or similar event you can quickly edit instead of creating an entirely new one. Follow the steps below to duplicate an event.

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Select the calendar that contains the event you would like to duplicate and click on the event
  3. Click the icon that takes you to the Event page

Duplicating an event

  1. Click More actions
  2. Click Duplicate
  3. Once you have duplicated the event, you will be taken to the editing page of the newly created event (image below)
  4. If necessary, edit the details as needed
  5. Click Save, and you will be taken to the Event Page and you will be able to start sharing your event

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