How to stop collecting RSVPs

Published  October 11th, 2022  by Michael Nilsson

This doc will explain how to ensure your RSVP event cannot accept more registrations. An RSVP event will remain open for registration until one of two occurs: the event reaches the seat limit, or you set the event to "inactive."

Follow the steps below to navigate to the Event Page.

From your Dashboard:

  1. Select the calendar that contains the event
  2. Select the event and click the icon that takes you to the Event page


  • Enable the Seat limit feature to limit the number of registrations you can collect. When the maximum number of attendees is reached, the RSVP Event Landing Page will display the message in the grey box below. You can customize this automated message shown to those who attempt to RSVP beyond the seat limit.


  • Make the event RSVP functionality "inactive" if you do not want to accept more RSVPs, and customize a message shown on the event landing page.

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