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Published  June 13th, 2022  by Michael Nilsson

This guide explains the functionality of the location field for our events. It allows you to save and re-use locations where your events take place. This is especially helpful for online events since you can save your Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft teams, or other video conferencing link and reuse it for other events.

Creating a location

Here are the steps on how you can create a location for your event.

From the Editing page:

  1. Click the event where you would like to add the location of your event and click the icon that will take you to the edit page.

  2. On the edit page, go to location fields and input the physical location of your event. You can also paste any video conferencing link if it will be an online event.

How to save and re-use locations

Here are the steps on how you can save and re-use locations.

From the Editing page:

  1. Click on the location drop-down menu

  2. Click New Locations and select the type of location you like to add. Select the Address option if you have a physical location for your event. The rest are for online events.

    There are 3 sections of each location except the address.
  3. Internal Name or tag
    Only you and your other account users (admin and editors) will see the internal name of the location. This is meant to help with internal organization, for instance, if you have many different events with similar or identical titles.

  4. Location (link)
    This is where you can paste your video conferencing link. Anyone can see and have access to this on your event landing page.

  5. Additional location details
    You can input other details about your location here. It will only appear in the event description and email reminders after the user added the event to their calendar and not on the event landing page.

    For detailed instructions on how to keep the location details private, click here.

The image below is what the sections look like after clicking your type of location. Fill it out and click Save.

Your new location will now be saved to your Saved locations but you need to click/select the specific location you want to assign to your event. Check the image below.

If your event has a physical location, this is what will appear if you select the Address location.

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