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Update (Thursday, October 8, 2015)


Today we experienced a small server downtime. This was the second downtime in three years of running our service.

Server downtime is not acceptable to us and we are working hard on building a setup where downtime will never happen.

Update (Sunday, October 4, 2015)


For the past couple of months we have been working hard on converting our existing platform into a scale-able and more robust infrastructure.

Next week (week 41), we will carefully be testing our new code and in the end of the week, we will launch the new code on the new infrastructure.

During week 41 we will be exporting our database into the new infrastructure. While doing this some sections of AddThisEvent.com will be unavailable for a short period of time.

Update (Monday, September 7, 2015)


Google recently added a new address (URL) to their calendar service. According to Google the "old" address will be supported for an unknown period of time. At some point of time the old address will be deprecated.

When users add an event to their Google Calendar, users will now be directed to the new address.

Update (Thursday, August 20, 2015)


On a daily basis a few of our users get their subscription renewals declined by their financial institutions / credit card companies. It can be due to many reasons. One reason could be an unintentional hold on their account for certain transaction types. It unfortunately results in their account being degraded to a free account until the payment is processed successfully.

We have set up a service that will notify our users if their credit card was declined. An information service so they are able to change credit card if necessary.

Update (Tuesday, August 4, 2015)


A lot of our users are using e-mail management systems to handle their e-mail campaigns. E-mail management systems collects statistics by converting and redirecting links to their own system, then they forward the links to the right destination.

Some e-mail management systems do not clean up their links when forwarding to the right destination. That resulted in us not being able to handle some events in the "One-time Events" section correctly.

The issue has been solved by taking "malformed" URL´s into account.

Update (Monday, July 20, 2015)


In AddThisEvent we are using timezone´s to handle date and time correctly across borders and daylight savings time.

Selecting the correct timezone can be a little confusing though. That is why we have built a timezone lookup functionality.

Our timezone lookup functionality is located everywhere you can select your timezone. You can locate the timezone by entering e.g. address, capital or country of the event.

Update (Tuesday, July 7, 2015)


In the "Advanced settings" for the "Add to Calendar" button and the "Subscribe to Calendar" button you are able to control the sort order in the drop down menu.

A user was using spaces in the list. Apparently we did not trim the values for spaces resulting in the items not being picked up in our values comparison. The issue has been fixed.

The javascript resources "1.5.8.min.js", "1.6.0.min.js", "atemay.js" and "ate-latest.min.js" have been updated.

Update (Monday, June 29, 2015)


We have finally launched our new "Subscribe to Calendar" functionality.

Our new "Subscribe to Calendar" button enables you to create and manage calendars your users can subscribe to. When subscribed your users automatically get your events pushed into their calendars. If you make changes, your event information automatically gets synced.

It is a clever way to keep your users informed about your events. Your users do not need to download a new app, your calendar seamless integrates with their existing calendar system and works on any modern platform or device. The "Subscribe to Calendar" functionality can be embedded on your website, in your newsletters or you can share it on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Update (Thursday, June 25, 2015)


During the next few days we roll out our new "Subscribe to Calendar" button. There may be corrections on our website while we roll it out.


Fixed a minor tracking issue.

Update (Tuesday, June 23, 2015)


Many users have reported that when a website / web app has been added to "Home screen" and the "Add to Calendar" button is clicked, iOS fails to load the event.

iOS error:
Download Failed. Safari cannot download this file

When in "Home screen" mode iOS has many security restrictions. We have solved the issue by taking the security into account.

The javascript resources "1.5.8.min.js", "1.6.0.min.js", "atemay.js" and "ate-latest.min.js" have been updated.

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