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Update (Tuesday, December 15, 2015)


A few add-ons have been released this lovely week in December.

We have added forced HTTPS at addevent.com. All traffic will now go through a secure connection only.

We changed our invoice PDF generator software to DOMPDF and donated money to their open-source project.

We added the possibility to add additional account information. The information is typically usable when you need to have special information available on your invoice(s).

We added the possibility to specify an email address, which receipts / invoices are sent to. If an email is entered, the receipt / invoice will be sent as an attached PDF to the email address.

Update (Saturday, December 5, 2015)


Knock knock, early December is here and we have finally added the "Repeating Rules" functionality to the "Event Manager" in the "Subscription Calendar" section.

The "Repeating Rules" enables you to create multiple events in one go. You can choose to "select weekdays and have them repeated until a specific date is reached" or "select weekdays and have them repeated specific weeks" or finally "select days one by one".

The "Repeating Rules" manager is visual by design making it easy to choose the days you want to have repeated and the "summary" function explains you in a simple way what the result of your repeating rule will be.

Once you have created an event with a repeating rule, you are able to change / delete all of them in bulks or change / delete them individually.

Update (Sunday, November 22, 2015)


We are currently working on repeating events for the "Subscription Calendar" service. We have compared a lot of existing recurring rule managers used by e.g. Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Our conclusion is that the existing recurring rule managers are very complex to understand. Our new repeating events option will be visual and easy to understand. We expect to release the feature early December.

Update (Tuesday, November 10, 2015)


In the description field of the “Add to Calendar” button our users are able to add text which is transferred to the calendar service their users selected. Officially we used to only support plain text with HTML break tags, but we got a lot of requests from our users who wanted a nicer and better formatted output.

We have rewritten our content handler function and the handler now supports and converts HTML content as well as “bad formatted” text. Our new content handler basically looks at the content and determines if the content is good or badly formatted. On that basis it converts the content and tries to make it look great.

The content handler supports HTML tags. HTML tags are transferred directly as-is to iCalendar supported calendar clients (like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar) and is converted to nice looking text in calendar clients that only supports text (like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook.com, Yahoo Calendar).

Update (Monday, October 26, 2015)


During the week we have observed (in our error reports) that our date validation is too strict. We just released a more loose date validation routine.

Update (Friday, October 23, 2015)


A user asked us to take a look at their all day events which didn't work correctly. On that basis we reviewed and corrected the "all day event" handler in our code base.

Update (Thursday, October 22, 2015)


Our error reports show that some of our users have difficulties understanding date / time. Users mix the 12 hour clock system with the 24 hour clock system, e.g. "12/31-2015 14:00 PM".

We have added an improved date / time validation with explanations on what could be incorrect.

Update (Tuesday, October 20, 2015)


Some marketing automation systems and email campaign systems add parameters to URLs which sometimes makes them difficult to identify. We added support for those extra parameters when linking to "One-time Events".


Fixed a timezone picker issue in the "One-time Events" forms.

Update (Monday, October 19, 2015)


We are experiencing a capacity issue with our tracking service. The issue is a result of the recent DNS changes. The issue will be fixed very soon.


The capacity issue with our tracking service has been resolved.


We did not publish our "time zones file" located at addevent.com/zones. Apparently some of our users are linking to it directly in their code / external resources. We strongly advice our users to download those sort of files. The "time zones file" has been published and is online again.


We fixed a date / time conversion issue on the landing page used by "One-time Events" and the "Direct URL Method".

Update (Sunday, October 18, 2015)


Today (Sunday) it´s big moving day for AddThisEvent.

We are changing our name to AddEvent and will be moving our new code base to AddEvent.com.

The global DNS records are being updated during the next 24 hours. Strange things may happen. We´ll keep a close look with everything.

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