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Update (Tuesday, July 19, 2016)


When you are using the "Add to Calendar" button on a website you should white list the domain in the "Domains" section. We frequently get asked by users, who use AddEvent for multiple websites, if we can make this process automatic.

We have added a new tag ("client") in the "Add to Calendar" button code which is an account identifier. When added, domains are automatically created in the accounts list of domains.

We have also made some changes in the "Domains" section. Before you had to add sub domains and the root domain. Now you only have to add the root domain. We have added domain control in the section as well, which allows you to delete / disable a domain, e.g. if someone exploits your client id or if you don't use the domain anymore.

Update (Wednesday, July 13, 2016)


Our service has been down for a number of our users. We are terribly sorry about that! Our service was hit / requested a lot of times from one or more services, very alike a (DoS) attack. That ate up all of our database connections. The connection has been flushed and everything is up and running again.

Update (Wednesday, June 22, 2016)


We have added two new variable types to the "Add to Calendar" button as well as the "Direct URL Method" (API). The two new variable types have been requested by users who have very specific advanced needs. For normal usage we don't recommend changing the variables.

New variables:

STATUS: Define the status parameter in the .ics file used for e.g. Outlook and Apple Calendar. The options can be "CONFIRMED", "TENTATIVE", "CANCELLED", "NEEDS-ACTION", "COMPLETED", "IN-PROCESS". If the value is not defined our system will default to "CONFIRMED".

UID: Define your own UID for the event. If there isn't specified any UID our system will generate a standard UID.

Update (Monday, June 6, 2016)


In the subscription calendar it is possible to import external calendars. It a great feature if you run multiple calendars or if you run a collaborative Google calendar or if your company uses e.g. a Microsoft Exchange calendar. Normal events have been functioning great but we have corrected a small issue occurring when an external calendar had an all day event.

Update (Tuesday, May 10, 2016)


At AddEvent we use Mandrill / MailChimp for sending out email and system notifications. If our users reach out to us using our support form we use the system to send the request / email to our self. Mandrill have made some recent changes to their security and that unfortunately has resulted in our support function being down for the past ten days. Our support email address has been up though.

We are terribly sorry that we have not picked up this recent change and sorry if any of our users have sent us a request and not received a reply. We normally answer back asap, but in this case we simply have not received any support requests. We encourage any of our users who have sent us a support request within the past ten days to reach out to us if the issues haven't been resolved yet.

Update (Sunday, May 1, 2016)


A lot of our users use the "One-time Events" for adding an "Add to Calendar" link in newsletters like MailChimp, CampaignMonitor etc. When the links are added the newsletter systems creates a tracking link which the users will be guided to before they reach the real link.

In this process, the newsletter systems add a lot of parameters (sometimes malformed) to the final URL which can make it pretty difficult for us to identify the event. In case we can't identify the event, users will end up at an "Event unavailable" page. We don't want that and therefore we have improved the identification process and tested a lot of possible malformed scenarios (URLs).

Update (Friday, April 8, 2016)


We updated the documentation on event listeners used in the "Add to Calendar" + "Subscribe to Calendar" sections to include the new "window.addeventasync" method.

Update (Thursday, March 31, 2016)


One of our users asked us to take a look at the buttons when used on mobile devices. The user had a lot of users who are elderly and they press (tab) the screen by holding down their finger for a long time (instead of a quick tab). This behavior would result in the drop down collapsing because we would expect the touch event to be executed. We have changed our scripts to adapt to this behavior and our users elderly audience can now use our buttons properly too.

These buttons have been updated:
"Add to Calendar" version 1.6.1 and "Subscribe to Calendar" version 1.0.2.

Update (Thursday, March 24, 2016)


Microsoft is currently in the process of upgrading all of their accounts into the new Outlook.com. Unfortunately it has resulted in the way we used to add an event to the Outlook.com calendars has changed. At least for now and until Microsoft changes / fixes their code. We have reached out to the Outlook.com team, but fixing issues can take a while.

Our job is to provide our users with a service that works. Therefore we have changed our approach to fit the new Outlook.com and we are glad to inform you that adding an event to Outlook.com now works again. We will continue to check if Microsoft fixes the issue and roll out new updates if they do.

Update (Tuesday, March 22, 2016)


We have noticed that the good people at Microsoft are upgrading more and more old Hotmail.com users into the new Outlook Calendar Live environment. Our own accounts were recently upgraded / moved. Since the upgrade / move adding an external event to the calendar often fails. Users are met with a "Calendar isn't available" notice. It seems that it work for some and fail for others. We have notified and reached out to the Outlook / Live team and will continue to do so until the new platform is stable / the issue has been resolved.

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