Starting October 6th AddEvent will have new prices for new customers. This price change will coincide with the launch of our new website and several exciting new services and features that you (our customers) have been asking for.


Since its inception in 2012, AddEvent has been used daily by thousands of software developers and marketing professionals around the world. We want to thank all of you, our amazing customers, for being part of our team and helping to make AddEvent the number one calendar management service in the world.

To date, we have worked with you and your customers to successfully add over 100,000,000 events to their calendars. We’re proud of how we’ve been able to serve you, and we’re looking forward to continuing this journey with each one of you.

AddEvent has changed a lot over the past few years, from exponential user growth, to increased site performance, to an entire set of new services that allow you to connect with your customers in ever more effective and meaningful ways. Now its time to adjust our prices so we can add more staff and continue our mission of building the best calendar management service in the world.

How does this affect our current customers?

This pricing change will not immediately affect our current customers. The new prices and service packages will apply to all new AddEvent customers as of October 6th, however they will not be adopted for our current customers until November 6th. Please notice: Current customers will not be charged for the new pricing until their current subscription expires. This will give us a month to work with you our customers to make this a smooth transition, and address any questions or concerns you may have.

As you can see in table below, we will be offering four different subscription options. These packages have been designed so that the services and pricing will scale with our customers as you grow. Each of the packages includes certain tools (specific services) and a certain number of event-adds per month that will be available to users of that plan.

We explain the transition into each of these packages in more detail below, but we want to clarify up front that our current customers will receive a discount on these new prices for the first year. As our existing customers, you have stuck with us through thick and thin, and we want to honor your loyalty by reducing the price for you for the first year. We sincerely hope you will take this opportunity to try out our new services and decide for yourselves if they are worth the increase in price.

As you can see in the table, the Small Business package is priced at $19/month billed annually, or $22/month billed month-to-month. For our current customers, the Small Business package will only cost $15/month billed annually, or $18/month billed month-to-month, for the first year.

The Small Business package corresponds most closely to our current services, and as of November 6th, each of our customers will be enrolled in the Small Business package if they have not yet chosen a different plan. The Small Business option includes all services that have traditionally been available to AddEvent customers, up to 25,000 event-adds per month, and a brand new service: CalendarX (visit the CalendarX page for a detailed explanation of this new tool (available in November)).

In November, basic usage stats (an average of the past 3 months) will be available for all of our current customers, accessed through your account page. If you have fewer than 50 event-adds per month, you can optionally downgrade your account to the new free Hobby package. This package includes three basic tools with limited usage per month.

As our customers, your satisfaction is our highest priority. We understand that changes like this will inevitably raise valid concerns and questions. Please know that we will do everything in our power to address these concerns and questions and make this transition as smooth and positive an experience as we possibly can for every one of our customers. Thank you for being part of the AddEvent team, and we look forward to working with you to make both this transition and your businesses a success for years to come.

New services and features (Roadmap)

Our product roadmap is lining up nicely with new services and features our customers have been asking for. Many new services and features will be rolled out this year. The roadmap includes:

  • Calendar APIs
    On AddEvent we've been using unsupported and deprecated methods of adding events to Google Calendar and Calendar. Last week we upgraded to the Google Calendar API which now enables you to use custom reminders. We're upgrading to the "" API this year as well. This will ensure that events are added correctly across Microsofts platforms including and Office 365 and that we're complying with the supported methods provided by Google and Microsoft.
  • Collecting data about your users and RSVPs for events.
    We're asked all the time who added an event to their calendar. Strict privacy policies in calendars prevent us from knowing so we're enabling custom data collection forms prior to users adding events to their calendar. We're also adding custom RSVPs in Events. The data can be accessed on and exported.
  • Send updates to users when events change
    We're asked often if we can make it possible to notify users who have added an event to their calendar about changes in an event. With the new data collection forms, we'll enable an option to push out emails to users.
  • Emojis in Events
    Emojis is a standard in communications and we're adding support for smileys in Events.
  • Guides and videos
    Our support handles how-tos all the time. We're adding articles and guide videos to make it easier to understand how to use our services - for our users and users in their organization.

We've launched
a new service!

AppointmentThing is a simple yet powerful scheduling tool that makes it easy for your clients to schedule appointments with you, saving time for everyone. 😃