What does "limited usage" mean?

Reviewed  April 8th, 2021  by Michael Nilsson

Limited usage refers to the specified number of times a feature or tool can be used per month. Our Hobby plan has a limited usage license of 50 downloads per month, meaning that the Add to Calendar Button and Events with RSVP tool (which are included with the Hobby plan) are each limited to 50 downloads per month (not 50 cumulatively). A 'download' is when someone clicks one of our tools (via a button or link) to add your event to their calendar, and our servers receive that request. Downloads are monitored in two of our tools: the 'Add to Calendar Button' and 'Events with RSVP.'

If a tool exceeds the limit in the Hobby plan, it'll become unavailable for the rest of the month. Please check the limits included in each plan here.

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