Multiple Events  (calendar)

This section enables you to create and manage a calendar containing a series of events. Your users can add all events to their calendar in one click.

You can add an Add to Calendar button (for multiple events) on your website. Every multiple events calendar comes with a landing page which you can link to in newsletters or share it on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

The multiple events calendar seamless integrates with your users existing calendar systems and works on any modern platform or device.

Your multiple events (calendar) is accessible on a calendar landing page or as a direct download.

Recommended media:
Websites, campaign management tools, newsletters, social sharing (e.g. Twitter, Facebook), Flash, docs (Word, PDF)

Recommended usage:
Use for multiple events or recurring events.

"Add to Calendar" button for website?
If you are looking for an "Add to Calendar" button (for multiple events) for your website please go to Add to Calendar (multiple events).

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Get started

  • 1Create a calendar.
  • 2Add your events to the calendar.
  • 3Add an "Add to Calendar" button on your website or link to it in newsletters or social media.

Share the calendar

  • The calendar has a landing page you can direct your users to.
  • We have made it easy for you to set up an "Add to Calendar" link in your newsletters.
  • You can set up an "Add to Calendar" button on your website in a few steps.
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Repeating Event 

Event from External Calendar