Dance Studio Owners Summit

Join us March 21 - 23 from 12pm - 3pm ET for the Dance Studio Owners Summit right here:

Get 8 proven, studio-specific systems to conquer Facebook advertising, boost profits, and finally feel confident hiring for your studio!  

We're revealing...

  • Three secrets to make Facebook Ads bring you the right new students
  • Smart and simple fundamentals to compliment YOUR leadership style and help you rock your role as studio CEO
  • The 60-second elevator pitch method to make your studio the obvious choice over the competition (plus find out why you’re thinking about your competition ALL wrong!)
  • Exactly what to do next and where to focus to maximize your revenue and increase profit
  • What you should be paying yourself and what mistakes could be hurting your studio growth
  • Actionable insider secrets for enrolling your next 100 students in weeks, not years.
  • The done-for-you Hiring Funnel that automatically weeds out bad eggs (plus where to find good ones!) 

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