How to get a public image URL from the image manager

Published  April 27th, 2023  by Michael Nilsson

When you upload an image to AddEvent, we provide a publicly accessible URL for that image, which you can then use to add the image to your custom event or calendar landing page template. To upload an image to AddEvent and to copy the public link for that image, you will need to do the following steps:

  1. From the dashboard, create a new event by clicking the "Create" > "Event" button.
  2. In the event creation flow, navigate to the event description section and click the "image" icon to open the image uploader. 
  3. If you have no images uploaded already, you will need to upload a new image. To upload an image, click the "New" > "Image" button and then you can either click the "Upload an image" button to browse the files on your computer, or drag & drop an image directly onto the pop-up. As soon as the image is finished uploading, click "Continue".
  4. From the image manager, if you are in gallery view, click on the image, and then click the "i" icon at the bottom the image. On the info pop-up that appears, click the "copy" button to copy the public link to the image source. If you are in list view, you can simply click the "copy" button directly.
  5. Once the link has been copied, you can click cancel on the image manager pop-up and click "cancel" at the bottom of the page to exit the event creation flow. To confirm that the link is copied correctly, paste the link into a new tab in your web browser - the image you selected should appear.
  6. Paste the public image link into your custom template to replace the existing image link.

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