How to create and share your first calendar!

Published  August 1st, 2022  by Michael Nilsson

Let's review the subscription calendar! Sharing all of your events at one time can be used for different purposes. A conference, webinar, or class schedule can be easily shared with one add to calendar link or add to calendar button. A highly valuable part of the subscription calendar is that when you update the time of an event or even cancel the event, your subscribers will be in the know as the calendars automatically sync after a short period of time. What a convenient way to keep your followers updated!

If you want to create a new calendar for a set of specific events, perhaps an upcoming webinar series, or a conference you want to share as a subscription calendar, follow the steps below or watch this video to get started.

How to create a calendar

From your Dashboard:

  1. Click the Create button on the upper left side of the Dashboard and select Calendar
  2. Enter the calendar title (and any other information you are ready to add) and click Create at the bottom of the page. Take a look here to see a description of each of the calendar information sections.

How to share calendar

You've created a calendar and added events to it so it is now time to share it with your users. Below is an overview of the different sharing methods.

Add to Calendar button 

An add to calendar button is a great way to share a subscription calendar on your website or landing page. AddEvent’s add to calendar button works perfectly with most website and landing page builders, as well as with custom-built websites. To learn more about the add to calendar button, click here.

Add to Calendar links 

Use the "Add to Calendar" links in emails, newsletters, and campaigns. Add to calendar links use simple image or text links to offer the same functionality as our add to calendar button. The add to calendar button uses JavaScript which is not permitted in certain media like emails for security reasons, but our add to calendar links work perfectly instead. To learn more about add to calendar links, click here.

Calendar landing page 

Each calendar you create has a unique landing page that can be used for sharing the calendar. The landing page is automatically generated when the calendar is created. A calendar landing page is an ideal way to share your calendar on social media and when you want to display additional information to your users about your calendar before they subscribe. Sharing a calendar landing page also allows you to display all of your upcoming events and offers extensive customization options so that you can make the landing page your own. To learn more about the Calendar landing page, click here.

Embeddable events list 

An embeddable events list is a great way to display your calendar on your website and increase the events' visibility. The embeddable events list displays your upcoming events in a beautifully formatted list and includes a “Subscribe” button to allow users to subscribe directly to your calendar. To learn more about the Embeddable events list, click here.

Embeddable calendar 

The embeddable calendar is also a part of AddEvent’s brilliant calendar functionality. This means you can embed a full calendar view of your subscription calendar on your website or landing page. Go to the Embeddable Calendar solution page to learn more about the subscription calendar.

Thanks for taking the time to review the abundance of information we have shared. We have a lot more info just a click away. Please click here for more help documentation covering different aspects of the subscription calendar.

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