RSVP buttons for websites

Published  June 21st, 2022  by Michael Nilsson

This guide explains how to use the RSVP button method of sharing your event. An RSVP button is a great way to share an event on your website or landing page. AddEvent’s RSVP button works perfectly with most website and landing page builders, as well as with custom-built websites.

When an end-user clicks an RSVP button, they are sent to the RSVP landing page. This is done so that we can collect the user’s information before they register for the event. The user must enter the information that is required and select whether they are “Going”, “Interested” or “Can’t go” before registering for the event. Once the user has registered for the event, they are shown an add-to-calendar button which allows them to add the event to their calendar.

Using RSVP Buttons

From your Event page:

  1. Scroll down to RSVP Buttons section and choose from the eight styles provided and copy the text in the box by clicking the Copy button in the top right corner

  2. Paste this code into your website where you want the RSVP button to appear. 
  • If you are using a website or landing page builder, you will probably need to use the “Custom embed”, ”HTML embed”, or similar option to allow you to paste the code into that section of the website.

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