How to import an external calendar

Published  June 1st, 2022  by Michael Nilsson

This guide explains how to import an external calendar to your AddEvent calendar. This is convenient if you have created events on your personal/work calendar, you can import them to your AddEvent calendar to share with your audience without having to recreate them in your dashboard. Events that are created in an external calendar and synchronized to your AddEvent calendar can’t be edited in AddEvent, but they can be shared in all the same ways as any other event or as part of a calendar. You can edit these events in your external calendar and the changes that you make will be synchronized to AddEvent.

Importing an external calendar

The calendar must already be created to add an external calendar. Click here to learn how to edit a previously created calendar. 

From the Calendar Page:

  1. Click More Actions and then Edit
  2. Then, to link an external calendar and sync the events contained within it to your AddEvent calendar, click the Add external calendar link as shown in the image below.  
  3. You will be prompted to paste the URL to the external calendar you wish to import.

To import an external calendar, it must be a valid iCalendar (.ics). Once added, your events from the external calendar will be synced with this calendar every 12 hours. The events will be visible in this calendar and to this calendar’s subscribers, but they will not be editable using AddEvent.

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