How to create a calendar

Published  May 24th, 2022  by Michael Nilsson

This guide explains how to create a calendar in your AddEvent Dashboard. Each calendar can contain multiple events and can be followed by your users through a subscription calendar. Small Business plans support up to 50 active calendars at a time, Professional plans support up to 500 active calendars at a time, and Enterprise plans support a custom number of active calendars at a time. 

Creating a calendar

Here are the steps on how to create a calendar.

From your Dashboard:

  1. Click the Create button on the upper left side of the Dashboard and select Calendar

Customizing your calendar

The following section outlines each of the customization fields you are presented with on the Calendar Creation Page. It is important to give your attendees clear and essential details related to the calendar so they can stay informed.

Title of your calendar

This is the calendar title your users will see when they subscribe to your calendar. The best titles are succinct and informative.

Internal name of your calendar

Only you and the account admin(s) will see the internal name of the calendar. This is intended to help with internal organization, for instance, if you have many different calendars with similar or identical titles.

Description Box

This is the description of your calendar that users will see when you share this calendar’s unique landing page with them.

Time zone

This will be the default time zone for events added to this calendar. If you are unsure of the appropriate time zone, you can click the time zone box and search based on location.

Please note that the time zone you select is only the default for new events. Events can be changed to any time zone and a single calendar can contain multiple events with different time zones.

Display settings

This is the day of the week that the Dashboard display for this calendar will begin. You can choose either Sunday or Monday.

Color Palette

You can assign a color to your calendar, which will display on your Dashboard next to the calendar's name. There is a default calendar palette and you have the option to create new palettes. 

Import/sync events from external calendars

You can link an external calendar and sync the events contained within it to your AddEvent calendar. To import an external calendar, it must be a valid iCalendar (.ics). Once added, your events from the external calendar will be synced with this calendar every 12 hours. The events will be visible in this calendar and to this calendar’s subscribers, but they will not be editable using AddEvent.

Calendar subscribers

When you share a calendar with your users, you can decide to either allow them to subscribe to your calendar anonymously or collect information from them via a form they are presented with before they can subscribe. If you would like to collect subscriber information, click here for instructions.

Don't forget to click Create button at the bottom of the page after you include the information for the calendar.

Once you created a calendar, you can now create events that allow you to share with your users and get those events onto their calendars. Click here for instructions on how to create an event.

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