RSVP and Settings

Published  September 24th, 2021  by Michael Nilsson

This guide explains the various functions of RSVP Events. Creating an event with RSVP enabled allows you to share events with your users, track the attendees, and more. You can find all of the following details by navigating to your RSVP Event page. 

Follow the steps below to navigate to the Event Page.

From your Dashboard:

  1. Select the calendar that contains the event
  2. Select the event and click the icon that takes you to the Event page

RSVP and settings


  • This is where the details of your attendees will be shown with their name, email, and RSVP status (Going, Maybe, Can't go).

Changing the status of your attendees

Here are the steps on how to change the status of your attendees.

From your Event page:

  1. Scroll down to the RSVP and settings section and click the attendee you want to change the status

  2. Select the new status of your attendee and click Save

Downloading RSVP Attendees

Here are the steps on how to download all RSVP Attendees.

From your Event page:

  1. Scroll down to the RSVP and settings section and click All Attendees

  2. Click Download

Email attendees

  • If you need to send an event update to your attendees, you can send an email with a custom subject and message. This email will be sent from, but if you would like to edit the sender's email information, click here for instructions.


  • If the event needs to be limited to a maximum number of attendees, you can enable the Seat limit feature. You can adjust the maximum seats/number of attendees. If the maximum number of seats is reached, an automated message can be customized and shown to those who attempt to RSVP beyond the limit.


  • There are various options for the host to be notified about new RSVPs.


  • Make the event RSVP functionality "inactive" if you do not want to accept more RSVPs, and customize a message shown on the event landing page. Or, set a time before your event to disable the collection of RSVPs under the "Last chance to RSVP" section below.

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