How to update your password

Published  June 16th, 2021  by Michael Nilsson

To update the password for your account, start by navigating to your Account Page. To get there, follow the steps below.

If you're already on your Account Page, ignore these steps and start at the blue bullet below.

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Click the blue circle containing a white letter in the top right corner of the homepage
  3. Click the Account option in the dropdown menu to navigate to your Account Page

To update your password:

  1. In the Profile information section, click Edit in the gray box labeled Password
  2. Enter your current password in the first box, then enter your new password in the second box and confirm it in the third box. 
  3. Click the Update button when you are finished to save your changes

Note: Your password must be 6 characters in length.

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