How do I change the language of my Event or RSVP Event landing page?

Published  June 11th, 2021  by Michael Nilsson

This guide explains how to create a custom template to fit the language of your website.

How to create a custom language template

  1. Click the icon (shown below) to open the Event page for the event you are translating 
  2. From the Event page, scroll down to the Custom Event Page section and click the Custom Templates button
  3. Click the New Template button
  4. Create a Template Name and select a language from the drop-down menu in the second gray box.

    This will change the language of the date-time format. Once the needed language is selected there, we need to change actual text parts of the template.
  5. To edit the text values in the template, we need to replace the block tags with the corresponding code snippets and then change the needed strings.
  6. Let's start with the event description. You need to find the block tag {{block:description}} and replace it with the corresponding code snippet from the Block tags part of the page. After that, you need to change the Read More text to the counterpart in your needed language.
     Here's the location of the block tag in the template code:

    And here's the code snippet that should be placed instead of the block tag:

    Once you've replaced the block tag with the code snippet and changed Read more to the needed text, you can proceed to the next step.
  7. Now we need to change the Add to Calendar button. For that, find the line with the {{block:button}} block tag:

    And, just like last time, replace it with the corresponding code snippet:
    Here, you need to change the Add to Calendar text to the needed language counterpart. Once this is done, the basic translation of the page is complete. If your event doesn't have RSVP enabled - you can proceed with saving the template (please check Saving and Applying the template section).

Editing RSVP

If your event has RSVP enabled, you will need to make some more edits.

  1. Please find {{block:rsvpform}} block-tag in the template code:
  2. Please replace this block tag with the corresponding code from the Block tags section:
  3. Once the code is replaced, you need to translate the text marked with red:

Saving and Applying the template

Once all the needed changes are made, please follow these steps to save the custom template and apply it to your event:

  1. To save the template, click the Create button underneath the code box
  2. Click Back to templates at the top left of the page
  3. Scroll down to Custom event page, and use the drop-down menu to select the custom template you've created, and click the Set button

When you view your event landing page you will now see it in the language you have selected (see example below).

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions!

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