- CalendarX - subscription- and embeddable calendar

This tool is an embeddable calendar, a subscription calendar, and a data collection service all rolled into one.

As an embeddable calendar, it makes your events visually friendly for your users by giving them an actual calendar to look at on your website. As a subscription calendar, it allows your users to easily add your events to their calendars and stay up-to-date on any event changes (similar to the Subscription Calendar tool, though with more options and deeper analytics). Read more

As a data collection service, it allows you to collect user data such as names, email addresses, locations, and more. Essentially it’s the comprehensive calendar system you never knew you needed. But now you do.

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  • What's the difference between the subscription calendar and CalendarX?

    CalendarX extends the subscription calendar tool with an additional list of features, e.g. an embeddable calendar, and a data collection service.

  • Are users and users the same?

    No. The users are not the same as the users on

  • How do I invite users to join the CalendarX account?

    Simply go to the Users section on CalendarX and invite the users you want to join the account.

  • How do I add an "Add to Calendar" button in newsletters?

    In CalendarX you'll find sharing options for each calendar you have created. Follow the instructions in the section.

  • I've sent out an invite to a lot of users. Can I change the event details?

    Yes! However, your users won't receive the updates immediately. As a general rule, you should expect the events to be updated on your user's calendars within 12-24 hours.

  • If I update an event, will my user's calendars be updated?

    Yes. CalendarX creates a "hook" into the user's calendars. The user's calendars request for updates several times each day. The synchronization frequency depends on the calendar system.

  • How often do the calendar systems synchronize the events in my calendar?

    Our experience in sync frequency is:
    • Apple updates on app / program startup and every 1-3 hours
    • Google updates every 12 hours
    • Outlook updates on app / program startup and every 1-3 hours
    • updates every 3 hours
    • Yahoo updates every 8-12 hours

  • Event reminders don't work on my calendar

    In order to prevent calendar SPAM, most calendar systems make it possible for their users to opt-out event reminders from external calendars. Some calendar systems disable event reminders per default, some allow them.

  • I would like my calendar to have an "Add to Calendar" button on my website, do you have that?

    Yes. Take a look at the sharing options in CalendarX.

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