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If you intent to use the services on AddEvent for personal usage only you can apply for a "Personal" account. If approved you can use all features on AddEvent for free. With a "Personal" account you can use the "Add to Calendar" button on one domain only. If you are a developer and need your trial to be extended due to development, please contact us at

Personal account: If your usage is assosiated with a company you cannot apply for a personal account. If you use AddEvent for your own personal blog or if you are getting married and put up an invitation etc. we consider your usage personal.


Thank you very much for applying for a "personal" account - we really appriciate it. We'll get back to you as fast as possible. The approval process is automated. If the application is approved, your account is upgraded to Premium for free - if the application is "not approved" please upgrade your account to Premium.

Please enter the website address where you intent to use the "Add to Calendar" button. If you do not intent to use the "Add to Calendar" button but other services only, please enter a website address that can identify your personal usage.

We'll respond you as fast as possible (normally within a few hours, maximum 1-2 days). If your application is approved, your domain will be added to your accounts domain and your account will be upgraded to Premium automatically.

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In order to remove the branding in the "Add to Calendar" button simply add an extra script to your website. The script contains your unique license code and will remove "AddEvent" branding.

In order to remove the branding in the description of events you must whitelist your domains. Please add all your domains in the Account section.

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